Friday, 24 April 2015

merei bivi ne doodh wale ko dhood pilaya aur choot marayee

dhood wale (milkman) ko fasaya
(merei bivi ne doodh wale ko dhood pilaya aur choot marayee)

dost mein apna old id : seemawithravi badal kar new id: kar liya hai..pls note this...luv u alll. lund and choot wale...
(urs seema)

Hi Friends....I am your SEEMA and my cousin RAVI is with mine.... I am presenting u a fabulous story which is about husband and wife who seduced a milk man....for fulfilling theiri sex desires.....

My name is Ravi, I am 36 yrs old married to a sexy wife Sheela. She has a very sexy bomb-like figure of i.e. 36dd-28-32 and has big balls and round ass. She is oily black in colour and 30 yrs old. We got married for 8 yrs and I was bored of doing the same kind of sex to her. Since i am a avid net surfer and used to read sex stories and liked

the groupsex column and i used to fantasy in my dreams of Sheela fucked by other men. I used to chat with her about sex matter and took her to cyber to show sex sites and sex stories and she used to love reading the stories.

One day while surfing i saw her reading stories about groupsex and at that night she gave me a hot sex and in that time i told her about my dream fantasy to see her fucked by other man at first she told NO but later agreed to try sex with the other man. I was going mad to see her fucked by other but the problem was how to arrange the person as i wanted a safe man who should not have any disease and should have a big cork. So the day's passed as i was not able to find a proper person.

One day Sheela was ill and in the morning i opened the door to take the milk from our old milkman called Gupta. He was around 50 yrs old tall, dark and was like a "Heman" I thought he is the right person for Sheela as he may be safe of disease at that age and will have the vast experience of sex and can satisfy my wife which i was not able to do with just 5 inch small cork of myself. I made a plan and told Sheela about the person whom i have selected for her to have a nice and hard sex . And from the next day my plan started working and Sheela was doing as i told her to do.

She started seducing the old man .The first day as she went to take the mlik she kept her two buttons open of her dress and when she bend to take the milk her big ball's upper body was visible .Gupta saw it and was trying to look deeper to see her full big ball's but Sheela stood up and came inside i was observing his reaction from inside and was pleased to see that he was also interested in seeing all that. The next day i told Sheela to wear short dress from which her legs could be seen and as he saw her half legs and fit boob's i saw a erection under his dhoti so for 5-6 day Sheela wear different dresses to seduce him and he was taking full enjoyment of seeing her big ball's and leg's. I told Sheela now it is the time for the action and told her my plan how to have sex with him.

The next day when Sheela took the milk she throwed the milk on his cloth and told "Guptaji doodh gir gaya haath se aap kapde me "sorry". Then he told "koi baat nahi ghar jaa ke dho loonga". Sheela " andar ake dho lo,pani andar hai bathroom me jao" and he came inside and i went hiding inside the bedroom's curtain from where the bed was visible. He came out washing his clothes and she told her to go to bedroom to change the dress and gave him my from my bag. As he was changing i saw his big and thick cork. He asked her about me and she told him i am out of town and she is alone. Sheela too changed her dress and wear the transparent dress from which her inner body was visible and came in the room, he was wearing my pant and his big lund was outside and seeing her in that dress his lund became erect and it was 8inches. Gupta "madam, aap bhoot sexy ho aur aap ka dress bhi sexy hai" Sheela"kya karu mere pati to bahar rehte hai,aur mujhe tadapna padtha hai" and she leaned in the bed in front of him and gave him sexy smile.

He got her point and sat near her and told "hum hai na kuchh kaam hai kya" Sheela"aap bude ho gay hai aap se kya hoga" hearing this he hold her and told "mere age ache ache pani ho gaye ,,,,tu kya hai"

Sheela "to mujhe pani karo"

he opened his pant and came the big lund outside and started fingering in her pussy .She was enjoying it and took his lund in her hand and started stroking it and it became big like a missile .Then she took his lund inside her mouth and started sucking it hard .

Gupta "lo mera lund andar lo ,mazaa aa ra hai aur andar le aaaaooooo aur choos le mera pani ayega kitna mast choosti hai aaaaahh oooohhhh".

Sheela"de pani kitna bada aur mota land hai mazaa ayage mojhe de pani tera pani choos ke piyungi de pani aaaaaaoooooahahahohoh".

Gupta"aaaaoooo mazaa gaya tu to randi ke jaisi leti hai. Tu tho badi rand hai saali le pani moo khol andar dalongaahahaohohohoaaaooooahaa"

and he sprayed all his cum in her mouth and she sucked every drop of it and i was surprised to see her sucking like that and listening to such bad words and still i enjoyed it and Sheela to liked his warm and thick cum.

Later after 5 mnts, he told her that he liked her ass and would like it to fuck there and she was in full sex and agreed to do anal with him.

Gupta" teri gand mast hai is me lund dalne mazaa ayagaa mast badi aur gool gand hai"

and she told him"aista dalna pehli bar hai dard hoga"

Gupta "nahi hoga ahe mujhe tajhorba hai ache se dalonga "and told her to sit in a doggy style he want back and made her ass wet by tongue and put his big lund inside.Sheela cried in pain as it was very big and said "bas adha dalo dard ho ra hai aista karo ahahahaohohohaaaa"......

Gupta"thoda dard hoga pehle baad me mazaa ayega" and he started pushing up and down and in few seconds all his big lund went inside her ass and she started enjoying it and telling"aur maro zor se mazaa ara hai pura lund dalo mere gand me phad dalo meri gand zor se mar aaaahhhhhhoaahahhaohoho............dal, mar zor se ahahahah".

Gupta" le zor se aur le andar kya tight gand hai mazaa aya kya gand hai le zor se le aur le rand mera pani andar le gand me le ahaaahhhhahah".

I was uncontrolable and came out of the curtain at first Gupta got scared but as i told him "chood is randi ko ache se chod zor se mar iski gand phad dal use andar dal"

he started fucking faster and faster and i gave my lund in her mouth and she was suking it .My full lund was in her mouth and later Gupta"aaaahhhhaoaoaahahaohoh mera pani le andar dalo ke bahar bol kha daloahahahhoohohohaaaa"and she replied "dal andar gand me dal gila kar gand ko ahahahohoho aaaaaoooo dal de dal" and he put all his um in her gand and she shouted "aaaaooooahahohoho" and i also sprayed my cum in her mouth she took inside and suck.

Both of our lund and made it totally dry and we laid in the bed together. Sheela was not satisfied and took our lund in her hand and started shaking it we both stood up and he started liking her choot with his tongue and

Sheela"ahahahaohohohho dono andar dalo age se aur pehe se dono sath me chodo ahahahohohoh" and he put his lund in her choot and i put my in her gand which was wet due to his cum and we started fucking her she was satisfied by doing in both her holes and said

"mazaa ara hai aise hi hodo mujhe ahahahohohohahahaa aur zor se dalo dono jaga pani bharo ahahahohohoh"

we both cummed in her gand and choot and while cumming Gupta said "badi randi hai kaise dono land khati hai rand sali le chi mera ahahahaohohohaaaa" and i also said" le randi sali le gand me dusra pani do pani le ahaha0h0h0h0haaaaaaa...."

So after this drama Gupta went to his home and whenever we need he was at my home to fuck my sexy wife and was happy to get a sexy lady at his age.

गड़बड़ मेरी दोस्त का कुतिया माँ -- Fucked My dost bitch mom

Maan upper middle class sa hoain age 32 name Ravi. Hum FAMILY maan 3 log hayin me mom age 52 dad age 50. father job karta hayin or officer hayin . aj sa 3 saal pehla ki hai jab main 29 saal ka tha or garmeyoon ka din thaa. Mara aik college friend tha jis ka name vicky tha vo apni mom ka sath rehta tha or dad nahi thaa, or mare FAMILY un ki thore financial support be kartee hai. Us waqt vicky ki age 26 thee or vo job karta tha or sath main study be or us ki mom ka name vanisha tha, age 45 near thee, figure 38d 30 36 dakhna main sexy doll lagtee thee colour sanwla sa tha, jo mujha bohat pasand thaa. Mara un ka hain bohat ana jana tha. Vo log aik low standard hisa main rehta tha.

Aik din mai un ka ghar gaya to mom na darvaza khola maina vicky ka poocha to vo boleen vo office gaya hai thore dar mai a jaa ga tum andar ajao, to mai wahan un ka ghar par ruk gaya to mom mara leya khana ko fruite la ae. Or baatin karna lagi, maina kabhi mom ko ghulat nazar sa nahi dakha tha. To mom na poocha subha kaya karta ho to maina bataya kuch khas nahi bus movies or asa he time pass,(un dino maina final year ka paper deya tha or free tha) to mom na kaha yahan mara pass a jaya karo mai be bor hoote hoain akalee, itne main vicky be agaya or hum log baatain karna laga,vicky na be muj sa kaha yarr tum mom ka pass subha ka waqt a jaya karo mom akalee bor ho jate hayin.

Maina hain kar dee or wapis ghar a gaya, taqreeban 3 sa 4 din bad subha mara mood bana to mai mom ka pass chala gaya door bell bajae to andar sa he mom na poocha kon hai, maina bataya main Ravi hoo to unho na darvaza khol deya magar jab maina mom ko dakha to dhang rah gaya mom na aik pantee or upar bareeq white colour ki khulee shirt or jis sa mom ki nangi legs or bara bara boobs saaf nazar araha tha or neecha brouse be nahi thaa.

To mom foran boli is waqt mai akalee hote haoin na is leya asa he kapra pehntee haoin or tum to mere bete ho tum sa kaya parda. Or mujha betha kar ghar ke kam karna lagee. Thoree dar mai vo kamra sa bahir a gaeen magar unho na vahe kapra pehna tha. Or kitchen mai chale gaee or mujha be kitchen main bula leya.or batain karna lagi magar maree nazar un ka nanga jisam par thee or main apni nazar hata nahi pa raha.

Mom na jab ya sab mehsoos keya to is bar mom na intaha kar de, pehle mom sabzee katna ka liye agey jhuk gaee jis sa un ki shirt gand sa thoree upar ho gaee ufff kaya gand thee or mara land khara hona laga, phir mom mara pass stool rakh kar us par kharee ho kar bottle utarna lagee, choonki main neecha table par pass he batha tha jis sa us ka boobs khulee shirt main sa saaf nazar ana laga. Maree neeyat ab kharab ho chukee thee magar mai cha raha tha mom pehal karain is leya maina apne upar qaboo rakha or mara land is waqt tak complete tight ho chuka tha.

Phir mom na mujhe kaha ka mujh sa ya bottle nahi utar rahi Ravi plz tum utar do. Mai 1st to sharma gaya quain ka mara mota lan pent mai khara saf nazar a raha tha, magar jab doosre baar mom na kaha to to mujha majbooran khara hona para jis sa mom na mare pent mai bana tent dakh leya or muskara dee, or maina sharam sa eyes neeche kar lee.

mom na dobara maree taraf gand kar ka baatain karna lagi or mai apna land ko pent ka opar sa he masalna laga, jab achanak mom na peecha dakha to mai aik bar ghabra gaya or pent par sa hath utha leya mom phir muskarae or apna moon doosre taraf kar ka kam karna lagi, choonka mara land bohat tight ho chuka tha or muj sa raha nahi ja raha tha, or mom ki ignore karna ki waja sa muj mai himat a gae thee magar maina kuch zayada karna theek nahi samjha or muj sa bardasht be nahi ho rahja tha.

To mai mom sa ijazat la kar wapis ana wala tha to mom na poocha kal ao ga mai na kaha zaroor ap ko kuch mangvana hai to bata dain mai kal ata huva la aon ga to mom na mujha kuch sabzeeyaan lana ko kah deya.

next day maina pent or shirt pehne magar neecha underware nahi pehna or subha subha mai mom ke batae hue cheezain la kar mom ka ghar pounch gaya, door bell bajae to mom na darvaza khola shahid mara intazar kar rahi theen. Or same kal wala dress pehna huva tha. Phir mujha andar ana ko kaha or mai saman lakar mom ka sath he kitchen mai chala gaya. Or aik side par saman rakh kar kal wale jagha par bath gaya, or mom ka sath.Batain karna laga.

Mom phir kal wala andaz mai gand maree taraf kar ka khana banana lagi or mai peecha baith kar motee gand ka bara main sochna or maza lana laga, asa mai mara land fullly khara ho gaya, maina dakha ka mom sabzee kat rahi hayin to maina moqa dakh kar apna hath pent ka andar dal deya or land ko masalna laga, magar mujha maza nahi a raha tha to Maina apni pent ki zip khol dee, or tang par tang(leg on leg) rakh dee asa bath gaya ka mom agar achanak mur be jaain to to pehlee nazar main kuch khas pata nahi chal sakta tha.

Ab mom muj sa batain kar rahi thee or mai apna land masal raha tha or khayal main mom ko chod raha tha. Taqreeban 8 sa 9 min mai mai apna ap par control nahi kar sakta jis sa mara virya (pani) land sa nikal aya, jis sa maree pent geele ho ge kuch he daar mai mom na mujha doosra room mai chalna ko kaha jahan sa sofa utha kar doosra room main rakhna tha, ab maree pent geele thee or mai sharma be raha tha.

Jab mom ki nazar mare pent par paree to hans pareen, phir mom na mujha khud he vicky ki aik pent nikal kar dadee, maina sharam ka mara nazar jhuka lee, to mom boli vo kam quain karta ho jis ka baad guilty feel karo or mujha doosra kamra mai la gae jahan bathroom tha or khoood bahir aa gae maina bath leya dress change keya or bahir aya to dakha ka doosra kamra ka bathroom main mom maree pent dhoo rahi hayin,or vo aik chotee see seat pat bathee hayin jis par sa un ka chootar bahir nikla huva hayin maina kuch na socha or peecha mom ka ja kar bath gaya or un ka boobs pakar kar press (dubana) masalna laga, to mom na maree taraf dakha or kaha mai tumharee mom jasee hoain to maina kaha ho to nahi na?

Plz tum bohat sexy ho aik baar plz plz.....

Mai mom ka sath peecha sa chipak gaya or mom bolte rahi magar muj sa peecha nahi hatee, maina be foran mom ki shirt waheen bath main utar dee.dosto mard kabhi aurat ka sath sex karna mai intazar nahi kar sakta yahi mara sath huva.

Phir maina mom ko bara bara boobs ko masalna shuru kar deya. Or mom wasa he bathee raheen. Phir maina mom ki pantee neecha karna chahee, magar mom ka bathna hona ka karan sa pantee neecha nahi hue to maina mom ko thora uthna Ka bola to vo kuch na boleen or kapra dhotee raheen.

Phir maina khud he zabardaste mom ko upar utha kar mom ki pantee neecha khanch dee jiss sa mom ka chootar or motee gand mara samna nangi ho gae, maina mom ko thora seat sa peecha khanch deya jis sa un ki gand or choot seat ka neecha sa nikal gae un ki choot par ball thaa. Ab mai mom ka kabhi boobs dubata kabhi gand mai finger dalta, kabhi choot mai jahan jahan dil kar raha tha mai hath laga raha tha, ab mom mare pent be dhoo chuki thee magar wasa he bathee rahi, is sab ka beech main mom na aik do baar kaha ya theak nahi hai, to maina jawab deya mom plz sab karta hayin, to mom boltee magar mom ka sath nahi, to maina jawab deya plz ap mare real mom to ho nahi or phir vo chup kar gae,

maina phir mom ka boobs ko pakar kar zor sa dubaya to vo bolee ahhhh aram sa kaya mar dala ga? Phir mai uth kar mom ki goood mai bath gaya or jasa bachpan mai apni mai ka boobs sa doodh peeta tha wasa doosre mom ka nipples moon mai la kar choosna laga kabhi halka sa bite be kar data to mom boltee ara baata aram sa dard hote hai to maina jawab deya mom is main sa doodh nahi araha is leya mujha ghusa a raha hai,

mom boli ara aram sa choos to nikal aa ga or mai hans para or mom be ab mom na 1st time apna hath mara baloon main phara or phir moon par or phir ahista ahista apnahath mara land par rakh kar masalna lagi jis sa mara land na aik angrae lee. Ab mai thora upar uth kar mom ka lips par apna lips rakh kar choosna laga or mom be mara sath dana lagi.

Mai mom ko kissing be kar raha tha or mom ka boobs be duba raha tha or mom mara land ko masal rahi thee. Mom boli mara baata tara chota to bohat healthy hai, aj kae salon baad mard ka land hath main la rahi haoin or vo be itna mota-tagra land, ya 7-8 inch ka to hoga mai bola nap lo mom pata chal jaa ga mom boli chal theak hai ab seedha ho mai dakhoon to sahi kasa hai mere baita ka land.

Or mujha Sa neecha gira kar bath mai he lita deya mujha or khood apna moon mara land ka pass la kar usa choosna lagi, jab mom na 1st time apna lips mara land par rakha to dosto mare to jan he jasa nikal gae ho. Ab mom mara adha land moon mai la kar choos rahi thee, phir maina mom ko 69 ki position mai ana ko kaha or sah main maina shower khol deya ahista sa ab mai mom ki choot or mom mara land chat or choos raha tha.

Or shower sa behta huva tip tip pani ki boondain mahol ko sexi bharpoor bana rahi theen jab 10 mintue guzar gaa to mom bole baaat chal bus ab mul sa bardasht nahi hota chal baita ab baja da apni is mom ka baja jasa barsoon pehla vicky ka pita g bajata tha

to maina kaha mom us sa kaheean acha baja bajaon ga ap ka, bus dakhtee jao. Ab mom kharee ho gae or bath main laga huva aik loha ka rod ko pakar kar aga ki taraf jhuk gaee jis sa mom ki choot or gand dono thoree bahir nikal aeen to maina mom sa poocha pehla choot ya gand, to mom na kaha baaata saloon sa choot mai finger la rahi hoain pehla choot ka baja da baja. Mom zor dar jhatka lagaon ya aram sa? To mom boli aik zordar jhatka da or tujha maree qasam chaha mai cheekhoon chilaon toon rukna mat bus tum na chodna hai.

Phir mai apna land ko hath mai pakra mom ka peecha khara ho kar choot ka nishana lagaya or choot ka opar land rakh kar pehla 3 sa 4 dafa halka halka dubaya or agla he jhatka main apna land adaha sa zayada mom ki choot mai ghusa deya jis sa mom chila uthee uee marrr gaee zalim ka bachaaaa kayaaaaa kar deeeyaaa or phir doosra zor dar jhatka lagaya jis sa mom ki ankhoon mai ansoo a gaa or vo dard sa karah uthee or un ka sara jisam kanp gaya, phir maina aik adh mintue ka leya ruk gaya or phir mom normal ho kar boli chal baaata ab bus or maat tarpa chodd dallllll is mommmmm kooo.

Phir maina mom ki gand mai dhaka Lagana shuru keya magar mai baar baar unbalance ho raha tha to mom na mara hath apna baloon sa hata kar apna booobs par rakh kar boli in ko duba kar pakar la or phir maina asa he keya ab mom be mara sath pooree taqat sa dana lagi main jitne taqat sa un ki choot main land ka jhatka data vo utni he taqat sa apni choot ko mara land ki taraf dubatee, ahhhhh maararaa batattaa chooddddd thoraaaa zorrrrr aaaa ooohh lagaaaaaaaaa kaaaaa choddddddd or thoraa zorr lagaaa hain yess hainn choddd, asa heee throaaaa zorrr lagaaa plzzzzzzzz baaataaaaaaa hainnnnn oh chodd ahaaaaaa hainnn yesss or mom ki choot na pehle baar pani chor deya

phir maina land nikal kar mom ki choot ko chatna shuru kar deya. Ab mom na apna or mara jisam jo geela tha saaf keya. Or mujha apna room mai la ja kar bed par lita kar mara land ko choosna lagi or apni gand maree moon ka pass kar dee jisa main chatna laga or phir neecha choot par pounch gaya gand chatna ka baad ab mom seedhe ho gaeen or mujha seedha lite kar mara land ka opar bath gaeen or aik he jhatka main mara land apni choot main la leya.

Or mara land sa choot ko chdvana lagii. Room un dono ki sexy awazoon sa gooonj raha or Kamara humaree chudai ki awaj se bhara para tha. Mahaul kaafi garam tha, chap chap ki awaazon se kamra goonj raha tha. Or phir 10 min ki chhudae ka baad mmom jhar gaee or phir mom ko bed par lita kar maina apna land ko mom ka boobs main da kar boobs ko chodna laga.or 2 sa 3 mintue mai mara land ka virya (pani)

mom ka moon par or gardan or boobs par gir gaya or main mom ka upar sudh ho kar late gaya. Is ka baad maina aik baar mom ki gand ko chodna ka socha or adha ghanta baad maina mom sa kaha ab plz mujha ap ki gand chaheya to mom boli ok or mom mara land sa khalna shuru kar deya.

Kabhi masaltee to kabhi choostee kabhi zuban sa chattte or 7 sa 8 mintue mai mara land tayar ho gaya ab mom aik bar phir dogy ban gaee. Or mai mom ke gand sa khalna laga, mom ki gand main khoob thook laga kar fingring shuru kar dee or mom ki gand main 3 finger aram sa chalee gaeen ab mom ki gand mara land khana ka leya betab theeee.or mom na hath peecha kar ka mara land ko pakara or gand ka pass la gae.

Phir mujha ishara sa andar dalna ko kaha. Or maina mom ki gand main land dal kar chodna shuru kar deya.Thode der bad usko mazza aane laga tha maine usse pucha ki kaisa lag raha hai to usne siskate hua bola"ahhhhh maazzaa aaa raha hai aur josh main wo aah "kiye ja rahi thi main ab puri rafter main uski mote gand main dhaka laga raha tha. Room main aik baar phir chap chap chap ki awazain goonj rahi thi. 25 min ki chudae ka baad mara virya teesre baar nikal aya jo mom ki gand ka beech main nikal gaya.

हिन्दी अनाचार परिवार -- Hindi Family Incest

Hello, mera naam Malika hai, meri umr 37 saal hai. Main bahut hi khoobsurat aurat hoon, 37 ki umr hote hue bhi main 29-30 ki lagti hoon. Main ek widow hoon aur meri do betiyan hain, ek ki umr 19 saal aur doosri ki umr 17 saal. Bari beti ka naam Aayesha aur chhoti beti ka naam Maryam hai. Mere ghar mein abhi main, meri do betiyan, meri maa aur mera chhota bhai rehte hain. Mere chhote bhai ka naam Ravish hai. Woh bahut hi handsome larka hai. Main aapko apni kahani batana chahti hoon. Main bachpan se hi bahut hi khoobsurat lagti thi, mera growth achha hone ki wajah se main 10-11 saal ki umr mein kaafi sudol ho gayi thi. Mere papa ek private company mein job karte the. Mere janam ke baad papa ko kaafi ummeed thi ki unko ek larka ho, unki ye ummeed mere janam ke lagbhag 9 saal baad poori hui. Mera bhai mujhse 9 saal chhota hai. Jab main 13-14 saal ki hui to kabhi kabhi aisa hota ki papa mujhko pyar mein gale laga lete aur mere boobs ko apne seene per zor se daba dete. Mujhko kaafi acchha lagta tha lekin mjhko ye pata nahin tha ki wo mujhko kuchh alag hi nazar se dekhte hain. Ek din jab maa meri naani ke ghar gayi hui thi tab raat mein papa mere kamre me aaye aur mere paas let gaye. Main as usual aise hi so gayi. Us din papa ne raat mein mujhko lipat gaye aur mujhe choomne lage aur mere boobs ko masalne lage mujhko bahut achha lag raha tha. Thodi der mein mujhko ahsas hua ki mere boobs ke nipple tan kar khare ho gaye the, mujhe aisa pehli baar hua tha. Papa ne meri salwar utar di aur meri choot mein ungli chalane lage, main tarah tarah ki awaazin karne lagi. Papa ne kaha ki main tujhko chodna nahin chahta isliye tujhko mera ek kaam karna parega. Maine poochha kya to unhone kaha ki mere pajame se mera lund nikal ker usko muth maar de. Maine aisa hi kiya. Maine us raat bara maza aaya.

Agle din maa aagayi, aur sab kuchh pehle jaisa ho gaya. Lekin lagbhag 10 din baad ek haadsa hua, papa ki motorcycle ka accident ho gaya aur who chal base. Uske baad hum kaafi pareshaan ho gaye. Papa ki insurance policies ki wajah se hamein kaafi faayeda hua. Maa ne ek private job karli. Lagbhag 2 saal guzar gaye, ek raat mujhe ehsas hua ki maa ke kamre se kuchh aawaz aa rahi hai, main uth gayi aur maa ke kamre mein jhaank kar dekha, mera bhai jo tab 4 saal ka raha hoga, wahin per so raha tha aur maa baithi hui thi, uski salwar utri hui thi aur wo ek candle lekar apni choot mein chala rahi thi aur bahut hi tarah tarah ki aawaz kar rahi thi. Mujhe apne saamne dekhkar maa hairan ho gayi aur usne jaldi se apni salwar pehen li aur kehne lagi ke tu jaa so jaa. Main aakar apne bistar per let gayi, lekin thodi der mein mujhe ahsas hua ke maa mere bistar par aakar let gayi thi aur thodi der baad usne mujhe kas ke pakar liye aur choomne lagi. Wo kehne lagi ke pichhle do saal se wo bahut bardasht kar rahi hai, usne mujhse uski choot mein ungli chalane ko kaha. Wo meri choot mein ungli chalane lagi. Ab aisa roz hi hone laga tha. Meri umr tab 16 ki thi, khoobsurat hone ki wajah se mere rishte aane shuru ho gaye the aur phir ek jagah mera rishta tay ho gaya. Aur meri shaadi ho gayi, mere husband mujhse 14 saal bare the lekin kaafi amir log the. Main unke saath 3 saal tak rahi. Mujhe do larkiyan paida huin. Meri chhoti larki ke paida hone ke lagbhag teen mahine baad mere husband ko heart attack hua aur who death kar gaye. Main kaafi pareshaaan ho gayi, sasural mein mujhe mere saas sasur kaafi pareshaan karne lage to main apna saaman le kar maike aa gayi.

Wahan per main aur meri maa ek doosre ki needs satisfy karte rahe aur aise hi lagbhag 14 saal guzar gaye. Meri umr ab 34 saal ho gayi thi. Mera bhai ab 25 saal ka ho gaya tha. Main ek school mein job karne lagi thi, Ek din maine school se aakar apne kapre changing room mein latkaye aur aaram karne ke liye let gayi. Agle din main jab school jaane ke liye apne kapre badalne lagi to maine dekha ki meri Bra aur Panty gandi hui thi. Us per kuchh chipka hua sa laga tha. Main foran samajh gayi ke ye Ravish ne kiya hai. Mujhko hansi bhi aayi aur gussa bhi aaya. Lekin maine kuchh nahin kaha aur aise hi chalta raha. Ek din main shaam mein dinner bana rahi thi, garmi ke din the aur kitchen mein fan na hone ki wajah se mujhe kaafi paseena aaraha tha. Mera kameez bheeg kar mere badanse chipak gaya tha aur mera Bra andar se saaf dikh raha tha. Itne mein Ravish kahin bahar se aaya, aur mujhe is halat mein dekhkar wo pagal saa hogaya aur mere aage peeche chakkar kaatne laga. Pehle to maine notice nahin kiya lekin thodi der mein main samajh gayi ke wo mere Bra ko dekh raha hai. Maine khana banaya aur hum logon ne dinner kiya. Lekin is beech wo lagatar mujhe ghur raha tha. Raat mein main apne kamre mein aakar let gayi. Mere room mein do bed lage hue hain, ek double bed aur ek single bed. Meri dono betiyan double bed per soti thin aur mai single bed per. Raat mein jab main so rahi thi tab mujhko ahsas hua ke koi mere kamar per haath rakh raha hai. Maine dekha to wo Ravish tha. Maine usko kaha ke yahan kya kar rahe ho, to wo pehle chup raha. Maine kaha ke tum jaaker apne kamre me so jaao, wo kehne laga main yahi aapke paas sona chahta hoon. Main muskurai aur kehne lagi ke abhi tum jaao subah baat karte hain.

Subah mein main kaafi jaldi uth jaati hoon. Maine uthkar Ravish ko uthaya aur usse kaha ke ab batao kya baat hai. Wo ghabra raha tha. Maine kaha khull ke kaho, usne bas itna kaha ke aap mujhe bahut achhi lagti ho. Maine uske gaal per kiss kiya aur kaha ki isme ghabrane ki kya baat hai. Maine usse kaha ki main tumhe kyun achhi lagti hoon aur iska matlab kya hai. Wo kehne laga ki main jab bhi aapko dekhta hoon mujhe bahut ajeeb sa feel hota hai. Mujhe aapko chhoone ka man karta hai. Hum logon ke ghar ka maahol kaafi khula hua tha, purane ghise pite khayalat ki koi jagah nahi thi. Uski baat sunkar main muskurai aur kehne lagi, "lekin main tumhari behan hoon, ar wo bhi bari behan". Wo thoda jijhka lekin kehne laga, "Lekin main aapko us tarah nahin dekh pata hoo". Maine poochha, "Phir kis tarah dekhte ho". Wo kehne laga, "Main aapko apni gf ki tarah dekhta hoon". Mujhe us per thoda gussa aaya, lekin mera man bhi Maa ki ungli le le kar oob chukka tha. Main chah kar bhi usko mana nahin kar paa rahi thi. Maine usko bola, "tumhara matlab kya hai", wo bola, "main aapke saath wo karna chahta hoon jo gf ke saath karte hain". Maine kaha, "kya karna chahte ho mere saath", wo kuchh bola nahin, lekin usne apna haath meri jaangh per rakh diya. Main kuchh bol nahin paayi, balki uski himmat dekh kar mujhe hairani hui. Na chahte hue bhi main uski taraf barh gayi aur usne mere honto per apne hont rakh diye. Thodi der kiss karne ke baad main usse alag hui. Wo mujhse alag nahin hona chahta tha, main uth kar jaldi se kitchen me chali gayi, wo bhi mere peechhe peechhe kitchen me aagaya. Wo lagatar mujhe dekhe jaa raha tha. Main khari hui thi, Usne apna haath meri gaand per rakh diya aur sehlaane laga. Maine usko bola ki koi dekh lega, lekin jaise wo sun hi nahin raha tha. Kaafi der meri gaand sehlaane ke baad wo apni ungli meri salwar ke ooper se hi meri gaand me daalne laga. Main aise hi khari hui b'fast bana rahi thi. Uski ungli meri gaand me mehsoos hote hi main jaise uchhal pari. Maine usko phir bola ki koi dekh lega to gazab ho jaayega.

Wo kehne laga, ke wo chahta hai ke main kuchh der ke liye uski godi me baith jaaoon, aur ye keh kar wo kitchen me rakhi chowki per baith gaya. Main kuchh samajh nahin paarahi thi lekin uski himmat per mujhe hairani ho rahi thi. Main thodi der aise hi khari rahi, phir khud ba khud mere pair uski taraf uth gaye. Kaafi subah ho rahi thi isliye sab so rahe the. Main jaakar uski godi me baith gayi, uska tana hua lund meri gaand per dab raha tha. Mujhe ek ajeeb sa ehsaas ho raha tha, main bhool gayi thi ki wo mera bhai hai ya shayad main jaan boojhkar ye sab sochna nahin chahti thi. Usne peechhe se haath dalkar mujhe zor se dabaya aur mere boobs ko sehlaane laga. Thodi der aise hi sehlaane ke baad wo achanak mere salwar ka naara kholne laga. Lekin main abhi is sab ke liye taiyaar nahin thi aur wo bhi kitchen me. Maine use roka aur kisi tarah usse chhootkar uth khari hui. Wo bola, "please baaji mujhe ek baar kar lene do". Lekin mujhe dar tha ki kahin kisi ko maloom ho gaya to sab gadbad ho jaayega. Main chupchap uth kar b'fast banane lagi lekin wo lagatar mere paas hi khara raha. Ab shayad Maa jag gayi thi. Maine Ravish ko kaha ke hum log raat me milte hain, tum mere room mein 12 baje ke baad aana. Wo bahut khussh ho gaya aur kitchen se chala gaya.

Us raat main lagbhag 11.00 baje apne bed per let gayi, lekin mujhe ek ek pal kaatna muskil ho raha tha. Wo theek 12 bajkar 10 minute per aagaya. Wo kaafi ghabra raha tha. Wo aakar mere paas let gaya. Thodi der baad wo meri kamar per haath rakhkar let gaya, mere andar ek sihran si daur gayi, mujhe bahut din baad kisi mard ne aise chhua tha, uska haath dheere dheere meri chhaati ki taraf barh raha tha, mujhko andar se kaafi ajeeb lag raha tha lekin main bhi shayad yahi chahti thi. Uska haath ab mere boobs per tha aur wo apne haath se halka dabao bana raha tha. Mujhse raha nahin gaya aur main seedhi ho ker let gayi. Mere aisa karne se uski himmat barh gayi aur usne apni taang mujhper charha di aur mere boobs ko zor zor se dabane laga. Uska tana hua lund meri jaangh per chhoo raha tha. Main apni aankhen band kiye hue thi aur chahti thi ke jaldi wo sab duriyan mita de aur mujhe phir se ek aurat ki tarah jeena naseeb ho jaaye. Mujhko kaafi din baad aisa feeling hua tha. Maine apni salwar ka nara ek jhatke me khol diya aur uska haath pakar kar apni tango ke beech mein rakh diya. Uska poora badan kaanp raha tha, shayad pehli baar wo kisi aurat ke itna kareeb aaya tha. Main usko sambhalte hue apni jagah se thoda uthi aur apni kameez utar di, andar kuchh na hone ki wajah se main ab upar se bikul nangi ho gayi thi. Andhere me hum dono ek dusre ko achhi tarah dekh nahin paa rahe the lekin mehsoos kar rahe the. Jab usko maloom hua ke maine apni kameez utar di hai to mere boobs per pilach para aur ek taraf se choosne laga, mujhko laga ki jaise main jannat me hoon. Lekin wo shayad mujh per charhne ki himmat nahin kar paa raha tha. Ab tak meri choot kaafi geeli ho gayi thi. Maine usko madad karte hue uski taang ko pakar kar use apne ooper charha liya. Ab wo ekdum sahi spot per tha, uska tana hua lund meri choot per daba raha tha, usne abhi apna pajama nahin khola tha aur na hi meri salwar neeche utaari thi. Ye sab abhi tak bina aawaz ke ho raha tha, lekin hum dono apne saanson ki aawazen aaram se sun sakte the. Ab mujhse raha nahi jaa raha tha, wo lagatar mere boobs ko choos aur daba raha tha, aur neeche se salwar ke ooper se hi dhakke maar raha tha. Maine usko apne boobs se alag kiya aur uska pajama khol diya aur use neeche sarka diya. Uska lund jo lagbhag 6.5" inch ka hoga lehrakar bahar aagaya. Main saaf to nahin lekin usko dekh paa rahi thi. Baaki kaam usne kiya, usne meri salwar pakar kar neeche utaar di aur apne lund ko meri choot per rakh diya. Lekin wo zabardast kaanp raha tha, wo pehli baar bola aur kehne laga, baaji main shayad jharne waala hoon. Mujhe us per kaafi pyaar aaya, main boli muhko baaji nahin sirf Malika bol, phir maine usse kaha ke thodi der mujhse alag ho jaa theek ho jaayega.

Wo mujhse alag ho gaya aur lagbhag do minute baad phir mere ooper aagaya. Maine apni taange khol di aur uske lund ko pakar kar apni choot per rakh diya. Maine usse kaha ke ab dhakka mare, usne aisa hi kiya. Uska poora lund mere andar chala gaya, lekin uski awaz nikal gayi, aur us awaaz se meri bari beti jag gayi, aur boli mummy kya hua. Maine usko kaha bete kuchh nahin aap so jaao. Thodi der tak wo aise hi apne lund ko meri choot me dale lete raha. Phir maine usko neeche se dhakke dena shuru kiya to wo bhi dhakke maarne laga. Uska hard lund meri choot me andar bahar ho raha tha, har pal mujhe aisa lag raha tha ki jaise main jannat me hoon. Hum dono bhool gaye the ki hum bhai behan hain. Thodi der baad wo ruk gaya aur mujh per let gaya. Lagbhag ek minute baad wo phir se apne lund ko poori tarah meri choot me pelkar dhakke lagane laga. Lagbhag 10 minute tak usne mujhe dhakke lagaye. Main ab ekdum peak per aagayi thi, maine usko bola ki Ravish main jharne waali hoon, mera badan me ek sihran si daur gayi aur maine paani chhor diya lekin wo dhakke laga raha tha aur lagbhag 2 minute baad usne bhi apna poora maal meri choot me daal diya. Main bata nahin sakti ke kitna achha lag raha tha mujhko. Samaj ke saare bandhan toot chuke the aur ek bhai behan ke rishte ki paribhasha hi badal chuki thi. Meri choot uske maal se poori tarah bhar gayi thi aur maal bahar nikal raha tha. Wo apne murjhaye hue lund ko meri choot me dale hue mere ooper nidhal leta hua tha. Thodi der baad wo mujhse alag ho gaya aur mere side me let gaya. Hum dono ek dum nude the aur kaafi der aise hi lete rahe.

Lagbhag aadha ghante baad wo phir se harkat me aaya aur mere boobs sehlaane laga, mere nipples phir se erect ho gaye. Thodi der mere boobs ko sehlaane ke baad, wo bola, "Malika kya tum mera lund apne munh me le sakti ho". Mujhko bara atpata sa laga, main kuchh nahin boli. Thodi der tak chuppi chhai rahi phir wo utha aur apna munh usne mere paaon ki taraf kar liya, main samajh nahin payi ki wo kya kar raha hai. Usne meri choot me apni do ungliyan daal di aur andar bahar karne laga. Meri choot sisak uthi, achanak usne apna munh meri choot per laga diya aur apni jeebh andar bahar karne laga. Main maano aasmaan me chali gayi, itna maza to mujhe kabhi mere pati ne bhi nahin diya tha. Thodi der me mera paani bahar aana shuru ho gaya, wo apne honth meri choot per lagaye meri choot ka paani pee raha tha. Mujhse bardasht nahin ho raha tha. Maine uske tane hue lund ko, jo bilkul mere munh ke paas tha pakar liya aur use apne munh me le liya aur choosne lagi. Wo lagatar meri choot ko choos raha tha, kuchh der baad mera badan ainth gaya aur meri choot ne paani ka phawwara chhor diya. Wo sara uske munh per gira. Kuchh uske munh per gira kuchh wo pee gaya. Itna zyada sexual satisfaction mujhe kabhi nahin mila tha. Ab baari merit hi, main lagatar uske lund ko choos rahi thi, usne meri choot se munh hatakar mere munh me dhakke marna shuru kar diya. Wo tarah tarah ki awaazein kar raha tha, hum dono ye bhool chuke the ke wahan per meri dono betiyan bhi soyi hui hain. Kuchh der baad usne poora gadha paani mere munh mere chhor diya, wo itna zyada tha ke mere munh se bahar nikalne laga. Wo kuchh der me dheela hokar let gaya. Kuchh der aise hi lete rehne ke baad main bistar se uthne lagi taaki bathroom jaaker fresh ho jaaoon. Main soch rahi thi ki aaj ke liye ye kaafi ho gaya. Lekin usne mujhe uthne nahin diya, wo ek baar phir ooper aaya aur phir se meri chudai ki. Is baar bhi uska stamina tareef ke kaabil tha. Mujhko complete satisfaction mil raha tha. Lekin ye sab meri bari beti Aayesha ko maloom ho gaya tha, wo jab 16 saal ki thi.

Aur is tarah se mere aur mere chhote bhai ke beech rishta shuru hua. Wo bahut hi khushgawar tha, mujhe ehsas hua ke is cheez ki pahal mujhe kaafi pehle kar deni chahiye thi. Wo lagbhag roz hi mujhko chodta tha. Ye roz ka khel meri bari beti shayad apni aankhon se dekhti rahi, ke kaise meri maa ko uska bhai roz chodta hai. Pehle pehle to wo kisi se nahin boli lekin ek din jab main school me thi to usne maa ko bata diya. Main jab school se aayi to maa ne mujhko bola ke Aayesha ne mujhe ye bataya hai. Main kuchh nahin boli to maa kehne lagi ki bolti kyun nahin hai. Maine kaha ke ye sach hai. Maa chup ho gayi, jab Ravish ghar per aaya to maa ne usko bhi ye baat boli. Wo baat ko chhupana chahta tha, usne pehle to aanakani ki lekin bat khul chuki thi. Maa ne hum dono ko bahut sakhti se ye sab band karne ke liye bola. Ravish kaafi dar gaya lagta tha. Wo lagbhag ek hafte tak mere paas nahin aaya. Main roz raat me uska intezar karti. Maa hum per nazar rakhe hue thi. Phir mujhse raha nahin gaya aur main ek raat khud hi uthkar Ravish ke room me pahunch gayi. Us raat phir se hum ek ho gaye. Pehli raat to maa ko kuchh maloom nahin hua lekin jab ye phir se roz hone laga to Maa ko maloom ho gaya. Usne hum dono ko bulaya aur wo hamare saamne rone lagi. Wo boli ke ye aisi baat hai jo wo kisi ko bata bhi nahin sakti lekin wo bahut dukhi hai. Wo humse haath jor kar boli ke hum ye sab band karden. Hum dono chuchap uthkar chale aaye, lekin hum dono chahkar bhi ye sab band nahin kar paaye.

Maa ki umar jab 51 ke aas paas hogi. Ek din achanak poora scene hi badal gaya, Maa ne mujhko bola ke, "Malika mujhko tujhse kuchh baat karni hai". Maine kaha ke kya baat karni hai aap to bas wahi lede kar mujhe aur Ravish ko bura bhala kehne lagti hain. Wo boli ke ye baat nahin hai, main tumse kuchh aur baat karna chahti hoon. Maine kaha kya, to wo boli ke tere papa ki death ke baad maine bari mushkil se ye zindagi kaati hai. Beech me hum dono apni zaroorat poori kar lete the, lekin ab tu bhi mujhse door bhaagti hai. Main Maa ki baat thodi thodi samajh rahi thi, lekin maine kaha ke aap kya kehna chahti hain. Wo boli ke maine tujhko aur Ravish ko kaafi bura bhala kaha, lekin ab mujhko lagta hai ke achha hi hua ye sab, ghar ki baat ghar hi me reh gayi. Maine kaha ke haan ye sahi hai, to wo boli ke mujhko kehte hue sharm aarahi hai lekin tum dono thoda mera bhi khyaal rakho to zyada accha hoga. Aur ye keh kar wo thoda sharma gayi aur usne apna chehra neeche jhuka liya. Mujhko hansi aagayi, maine Maa ka chehra ooper uthate hue kaha, "Achha to aap bhi." Wo muskarai aur phir chehra neeche jhuka liya. Main jaan boojhkar kaha theek hai to aaj main aapke paas so jaaoongi, maa jhat se boli nahin tu nahin main Ravish ki baat kar rahi hoon. Main hansne lagi aur Maa ek dum sharma gayi, maine kaha ke is burhape me ye haal hai, aur wo bhi apne bete saath, to wo aur zyada sharma gayi. Maine kaha ke main aaj shaam hi me Ravish se baat karoongi, to wo sharma kar wahan se chali gayi. Shaam ke lagbhag 7 baje Ravish apni job se aaya. Maine usko bola ki uske liye aaj mere paas kuchh surprise hai. Wo bola kya, to maine akele me bula kar usko saari baat batayi. Wo kuchh nahin bola aur halka sa muskuraya. Main samajh gayi ki ye taiyaar hai. Maine usko kaha ke tu behnachod to ban hi gaya tha aaj madarchod bhi ban jaana.

Main usse baat karke seedhi maa ke paas gayi. Maa mera hi intezaar kar rahi thi. Maine bahut badtameezi se kaha, "ab main tujhko kya kahoon, Maa, sautan yaa Chhinaal." Wo meri badtameezi ko nazar andaaz karte hue boli kya Ravish taiyaar ho gaya. Maine kaha ke main kahoongi to taiyaar hoga hi. Wo boli, kab hoga ye sab, mujhe maa per taras aaraha tha. Wo ek tarah se mere saamne girgira rahi thi, chudne ke liye. Maine usse kaha ke aaj raat hi, lekin ye sab mere saamne hoga. Wo thoda gussa ho gayi, to maine kaha ke meri yahi shart hai. Wo kuchh nahi boli aur main wahan se aane lagi. Wo mujhse boli ke main abhi Ravish ke saamne nahin jaana chahti, tu mera khaana yahi kamre me dedena. Jo kuchh bhi hamare ghar me chal raha tha ye sab meri betiyan apni aankhon se dekh rahi thin. Maine Aayesha se kaha ke bete aaj main Nani ke kamre me soungi, to wo kehne lagi aur Ravish Mama kahan soyenge. Maine use zor se dhamkaya to wo chup ho gayi. Raat ke lagbhag 11 baje maine maa ko jaakar kaha ke Ravish andar aana chahta hai. Maa ne kaha ke please room ke lights off karde. Maine aisa hi kiya. Ravish aur main dono Maa ke kamre me ghus gaye aur Ravish Maa ke paas bedper let gaya. Maa ekdum seedhi leti hui thi aur uski aankhen band thi. Ravish ne Maa ke boobs per haath rakha aur sehlaane laga. Usne dheere dheere Maa ke kapre utaarne shuru kar diye. Usne Maa ko poora nude kar diya aur ab wo Maa ke ooper charh kar uska doodh pee raha tha. Mujhe ye sab dekhkar bara maza aaraha tha. Pata nahin kyun, main Maa ko aur zaleel karna chahti thi. Maine Ravish ko roka aur uske kaan me kaha ke kya tu aur zyada maza lena chahta hai.

To wo bola haan. Maine kaha ke Maa ko chhor kar hat jaa aur yahan se jaane ka bahana kar. Usne foran aisa hi kiya. Maa ne ye sab dekha to wo boli ke kahan jaa rahe ho, please aise mat jaao. Ravish tab tak mera matlab samajh gaya tha, wo bola ke tu burhiya ko chodne me mujhko koi interest nahin hai. Maa girgirane lagi, to wo bola, theek hai nahin jaaoonga, lekin tujhe mera lund choosna parega. Maa ki aankhon se aansoon nikal pare, wo kehne lagi ke kya tu apni Maa ko apna lund chuswayega. Ravish Bola bete se chudna tujhko manzoor hai, uska lund choosne me sharm aati hai kya. Mujhe ye sab dekhkar bara achha lag raha tha. Maa chup ho gayi, wo Ravish ke paas aayi aur uske tane hue lund ko haath me liya aur zameen per baith gayi, aur use choosne lagi. Ravish Maa ka sir haath me pakar ker zordar dhakke maar raha tha. Beech beech me Maa ko ulti hone ko hoti jab Ravish ka Lund uske Gale tak pahunch jaata. Maa us waqt ek dum ek randi jaisi lag rahi thi, bilkul nangi aur tarah tarah ki awwazen kar rahi thi. Apna lund chusaate hue Ravish beech beech mein Maa ki nangi peeth per zor ka haath marta, jisse shayad Maa ko dard hota tha, aur wo ek dum se ruk jaati thi. Maine dekha, Maa ki gori peeth per Ravish ki ungliyon ke nishan ban gaye the. Mujhe ye sab dekhkar bahut maza aaraha tha. Wo beech me Maa ko bolta jaaraha tha, ke choos randi, achhi tarah choos. Thodi der me Ravish poore ufaan per aagaya. Wo jharne waala tha, usne Maa ka munh apne lund per daba liya. Maine peechhe se Maa se kaha ke eek bhi boond neeche girni nahin chahiye poora maal peena parega. Ravish ne poora maal Maa ke munh me daal diya tha aur Maa kisi randi ki tarah gatgat karke use pee rahi thi. Ravish thoda dheela ho gaya aur bed per let gaya, wo kehne laga ke Randi tune to aaj maza de diya. Main Maa ke paas gayi aur boli, ki bus ho gaya to wo boli ke nahin abhi to kuchh bhi nahin hua. Thodi der baad Ravish phir josh me aaya. Usne Maa ko bola, "Kutiya, raand kahin ki, main tunjhe apni maa samajhta tha lekin tu to Randi nikli. Bol aur kis kis se chudi hai tu." Maan dar gayi aur rone lagi aur boli ki main sach bolti hun ki ye tere papa ke baad mere liye pehla hai. Ravish ne Maa ke baal pakar liye aur ek zor ka chaanta maa ke gaal per maara aur bola jhooth bolti hai randi. Maa aur zyada rone lagi, aur haath jor kar boli aisa kyun keh rahe ho main tumhari Maa hun. Ravish bola, Maa apne bete ka lund choosti hai kya, aur ek zor ka thappad uski gaand per maara. Usko bahut zor ka laga, Wo bilakh pari aur kehne lagi ke meri majboori kaa faayeda mat uthao, agar mujhe nahin chodna chahte ho to mat chodo lekin mujhe maaro nahin. Ravish bola, aise kaise chhor dun tujhko burhiya, aur ye kehte hue Ravish ne Maa ko dhakka de kar bed per gira diya aur bola Kutiya ki tarah hoja Randi. Aaj main ek kutiya ke sath kutta banna chahta hun. Mujhe ye sab dekhkar barahi maza aaraha tha. Maar parne ke bawajood, Maa jaise chudne ke liye mari jaa rahi thi, do thappad khaane ke baad bhi wo foran kutiya ki tarah ho gayi. Ravish Maa ke peechhe aagaya aur uske baal ghode ki lagam ki tarah pakar liye. Usne Maa ki choot me apna lund ghusakar uski pilaayi shuru kar di. Maa josh me lagbhag chilla rahi thi, jaise koi bhains chillati hai. Thodi der me Maa ka badan ekdum ainth sa gaya aur uski choot se paani ka phawwara chhoot gaya. Lagbhag do minute baad Ravish bhi thanda ho gaya, usne saatra maal Maa ki choot mein daal diya tha. Maa ab apne bed per ekdum nangi leti hui thi aur Ravish bhi. Maine Ravish ko kaha ke bus zyada mat karna, nahin to is randi ki aadat bigar jaayegi. Ravish mere saath kamre se bahar aagaya aur mujhe dekhkar bola, "Maine sahi kiya na." Main boli ek dum fit. Ab to Maa hum dono ki lagbhag gulam si ho gayi thi. Maa 51 saal ki burhiya hone ke bawajood, zyaada burhi nahi lagti thi, uska badan ekdum sudol tha. Shayad isliye ke wo jawani me hi widow ho gayi thi aur uske baad use kisi ne choosa nahin tha. Ravish Maa ko bahut bura treat karta tha, jo mujhko bahut achha lagta tha. Wo kabhi kabhi jab meri betiyan ghar per nahin hoti to Maa ke poore kapre utarwa deta aur use aise hi ghar me ghoomne ke liye kehta. Maa aisa hi karti, kyunki wo bhi shayad is sabko enjoy karti thi. Ghar me Maa nangi ghumte hue bahut achhi lagti. Hum dono Maa ke samne hi ek doosre ko lipat jaate aur sex karte. Kabhi kabhi Ravish se sex karte hue, jab mera Maa ko zaleel karne ka man hota to main Maa ko apne paas bula leti aur usse kehti ke meri choot chaat kar geeli kar de aur Ravish ka lund bhi. Maa sab kuchh karti aur jab Ravish mujhe chod leta to kabhi kabhi Maa ko bhi chod deta tha. Nahin to Maa khud hi ungli daal kar thandi ho jaati thi. Main ab kabhi bhi Maa ko Maa kehkar nahin bulati thi. Main ya to se Zubaida (Maa ka naam) kehti, yaa phir "Aye Randi" ya "Aye Chudail" keh kar bulati. Ye sab aise hi chal raha tha, lekin mera Maa ko baar baar zaleel karna, Maa ko kahin na kahin khatakta tha. Uska ye gussa doosri tarah mujh per nikla. Usne Ravish se chudte hue, Ravish ke dil me ye khyaal daala ki, Aayesha aur Maryam ab bari ho gayi hain aur unko bhi choda jaa sakta hai. Aayesha tab 17 Saal ki rahi hogi aur Maryam 15 Saal ki. Maryam Aayesha se kahin zyaada khoobsurat thi, aur uska deel dol bhi achha tha. Isliye dono lagbhag barabar hi lagti thin.

Ek din Ravish ne mujhko kaha ke usko Maryam bahut achhi lagti hai aur wo Maryam ko chodna chahta hai. Mujhe bahut gussa aaya, maine usse kaha ke ye baat dobara nahin karna, warna mujhse bhi haath dho baithoge. Lekin us per kuchh khaas fark nahin para, wo shayad jaanta tha ke main uska kuchh bigar nahin sakti hoon, aur akhirkar wo mard tha. Us raat me wo mere kamre me aaya aur mere bed ki bajaye seedha meri betiyon ke bed per charh gaya. Maine use rokna chaha lekin usne ek zor ka chanta mere gaal per maara, main door jaakar giri aur mere munh se khoon nikalne laga. Main bahut dar gayi. Aayesha rone lagi, maine use rone se mana kiya. Ravish Maryam ko lipat gaya aur use choomne laga. Mujhse ye dekha nahin gaya aur main room se bahar aagayi. Bahar Maa Khari hui thi, wo halka sa muskurai. Main samajh gayi ke ye aag isi Randi ki lagayi hui hai. Maine Maa se kaha ke Ravish ko roke to wo kuchh nahi boli. Lekin seedhi kamre me chali gayi aur andar se door lock kar liya. Main jaldi se window ke paas aayi aur andar ka nazaara dekhne lagi. Maa ne Maryam ke haath pakar liye, kyunki wo chhootne ki koshish kar rahi thi, aur mere hi saamne meri beti ki chudai ho gayi. Ek chudai karne ke lagbhag 15 minute baad Ravish phir se Maryam per chharh gaya, main ye dekhkar hairan reh gayi ki ab Maryam bhi uska saath de rahi thi, wo aise aawaz kar rahi thi jaise bhari poori chudi hui aurat karti hai. Main kuchh nahin kar paayi aur maine ye sab accept kar liya.

Lekin apni Maa se badla lena mujhe ab zaroori ho gaya tha. Isliye nahin ki usne meri beti ko chudwaya, balki isliye kyunki main use hamesha apne saamne ghutne teke hue dekhna chahti thi. Aur mere paas ek triumph abhi baaki tha, aur wo thi Aayesha. Maine ek raat Aayesha ko bola ke tum is sab ke bare me kya sochti ho, wo chup rahi. Maine kaha ke main chahti hoon ke tu mere liye kuchh kare. Wo boli kya, to maine kaha ke tujhko Ravish ko khussh karna parega kyunki main teri Nani ko sabak sikhana chahti hoon. Main soch rahi thi ke wo bilkul nahin manegi, lekin wo ekdum se raazi ho gayi. Hum sabko dekh kar shayad uska man bhi chudne ka karta hoga. Usne muhko bola ke Maryam ne mujhe bataya ke ye sab karne me bara maza aata hai. Maine Ravish se baat ki, maine usse kaha ke main tujhko Aayesha deti hoon agar tu Maa ko chodna chhor de. Wo foran taiyar ho gaya. Us din maine Aayesha aur Ravish ko akela room me chhor diya aur Ravish ne Aayesha ko larki se aurat bana diya. Aise hi din guzarte rahe, Ravish ab hamare room ko chhorker Maa ke paas nahin jaata tha. Ravish ne mujhko bataya ki Maa usse kai baar aane ke liye keh chuki hai, lekin wo nahin mana.

Phir wo din aaya jiska mujhe intezaar tha, Maa mere paas aayi aur boli, ke tune Ravish per kya jaadoo kar diya hai, jo wo ab mere paas nahi aata. Ravish tabhi job per tha aur meri betiyan College gayi huin thi. Maine bola ke tu hi wo chhinaal hai na jisne meri beti ko chudwaya, ab teri yahi saza hai. Wo boli ke agar maine teri ek beti ko chudwaya to tune bhi to apni doosri beti ko chudwaya hai. Maine usko bola ke agar tu dobara Ravish se khasam hona chahti hai to wohi kar jo main tujhe kehti hoon. Wo thoda gussa hui lekin kuchh nahin boli. Maine usko bola ki abhi ke abhi mere saamne nangi ho. Wo gusse me thi lekin apne kapre utaarne lagi aur poori nangi ho gayi. Maine apni salwar utaar di aur usko bola ke meri gaand chaate. Usne ye bhi kar diya. Maine usse kaha ke ab ek aakhri kaam karna baaki hai. Wo boli kya, maine kaha ki tujhko hamare dhobi se chudna hoga. Wo foran na boli, aur kehne lagi ke wo aisa kabhi nahin karegi. Maine pehle hi apne dhobi ko bulaya hua tha. Wo thodi der me aane wala tha. Maine kaha ke theek hai agar aisa nahin karna to main bhi phir Ravish ko kuchh nahin bolungi. Wo mere saamne haath jorne lagi lekin maine uski ek nahin suni. Tabhi hamare ghar ki ghanti baji, Maa ek dum nude thi maine kaha ke dhobi aagaya hai, tu andar jaa main usko andar hi bhejti hoon.

Jahan main Maa ko zaleel karna chahti thi, wahin per mujhe ye bhi khyaal tha ki kisi bahar waale ka chaska Maa ko nahin lagna chahiye, nahin to wo mere haath se nikal jaayegi. Dhobi ne aakar poochha, "Bibiji, dhone ke kapre kahan hain." Maine kaha, "Jaao jakar andar bari Bibiji se lelo". Wo andar chala gaya. Main foran khirki ke paas aagayi aur chhupkar andar dekhne lagi. Maa ne apne ooper ek bada towel lapeta hua tha. Hamara dhobi Maa ko is haal me dekhkar dang reh gaya, aur achanak waapas lotne laga. Maa ne uska haath pakar liya aur ek jhatke se Towel utaar diya, Maa ki sexy figure ab hamare dhobi ke saamne thi. Wo thoda ghabraya aur usne idhar udhar dekha, raasta saaf dekh kar wo Maa ko lipat gaya aur usko dabane aur choosne laga. Un dono ki awwazen nikalne lagin. Lagbhag 10 minute aisa chalne ke baad Maa jakar bed per let gayi aur usne apni taange khol di. Wo chudne ke liye ekdum taiyaar thi. Hamara dhobi Jaldi se apni dhoti kholker bed per jaa pahuncha aur Maa ke ooper aagaya. Usne apna tana hua lund Maa ki choot per rakh diya, ab sab kuchh taiyaar tha. Yahi moka tha jab main kamre me ghus gayi. Maine natak karte hue, zor se chillai aur boli, "ye sab kya ho raha hai". Maine jaaker ek zordar chanta apne dhobi ko maara aur phir Maa ko mara. Dhobi ghabra gaya aur meri Maa ekdum sakte me aagayi. Dhobi jaldi jaldi apne kapre pehan kar wahan se rafoochakkar ho gaya. Maa aise hi nangi mere saamne baithi thi, uski aankhon se aansoo aane lage. Wo boli, "aaj tune mujhe bahut zaleel kiya hai Malika". Maine usko kaha, "Jo panga tune mujhse liya hai randi, ye uska badla hai aur ab tujhko aise hi tarpaaoongi main". Wo ekdum mere saamne girgirane lagi, aur kehne lagi, ki please kabhi kabhi mujhko Ravish de diya kar. Main jaanti thi ki isko chudwana to parega lekin tareeke se. Shaam me jab Ravish ghar aaya to maine usko poora kissa bataya. Wo bola, to ab kya karna hai. Maine kaha aaj usko phir se chodna lekin randi ki tarah. Wo hansne laga. Lagbhag aadhe ghante baad wo Maa ke kamre me gaya, aur zor se chillaya, "Kyun Randi tujhko aaj badi masti soojhi hai, aaj tu dhobi ke saath hi shuru ho gayi." Maa kehne lagi ke ye sab usne mere kehne per kiya. Lekin Ravish ne Maa ki ek nahin suni. Usne ek zor ka jhapar Maa ko mara. Usne apni chappal nikali aur Maa per baras para. Usne Maa ko khoob mara aur bahar aagaya. Maa andar apne bed per letkar roti rahi. Wo bahar aaya aur mujhe dekhkar muskuraya, main bhi muskurai. Hamne khana khaya, Maa khaane per bhi nahin aayi. Raat ke lagbhag 11 baje Ravish Maa ke kamre me gaya aur main bhi uske peechhe peechhe gayi. Main use chudte hue dekhna chahti thi. Maa ab bhi bed per let kar ro rahi thi. Ravish Maa ke barabar me let gaya. Maa ko kuchh ehsaas hua to Maa ne palat kar dekha. Wo kehne lagi, "Yahan kyun aaye ho". Ravish bola, "aaj tujhko bahut maara hai maine, us pitayi ko bhulaane ke liye". Maa boli nahin mujhko kuchh nahin chahiye, tum yahan se jaao. Ravish ne Maa ke baal pakar kar zor se kheenche aur uske honto per apne hont gara diye. Bahut der tak wo uske hont choosta raha. Uske baad usne Maa ke kapre utaarne shuru kar diye. Maa poori nangi ho gayi, maine dekha, Maa ke poore badan per maar ke nishaan bane hue the. Maa ko nangi karne ke baad Ravish ne aaj naya tareeka liya. Wo Maa ki chhati per charh gaya aur Maa ke boobs ke beech me apna lund rakh diya aur Maa se bola ke dono boobs ko daba ke pakar le. Maa ne aisa hi kiya.

Ab Ravish ne dhakke maarne shuru kiye. Wo kehne laga, Main saara maal tere munh me chhoroonga, use pee lena. Usne Maa ko kasker apni tango ke beech pakar rakha tha, main ye sab dekhkar main Maa ke paas jaa pahunchi aur Maa ki tango ke beech me ek zor ki laat maari. Wo cheekh pari, Maine Ravish se kaha, ke isko chhorna nahin, aaj main isko bataoongi , chudai kya hoti hai. Ravish mujhko dekh kar hansa, Maa abhi bhi dard se karha rahi thi. Wo chhootne ke liye chhatpata rahi thi lekin Ravish ne use Chhora nahin. Usne Maa ke boobs me dhakke lagana tez kar diya. Idhar maine Maa ki choot me apna poora haath ghusa diya. Maa ki cheekh nikal gayi. Maine haath andar dalkar andar bahar karna shuru kiya. Thodi der me Maa neeche se support karne lagi. Ab maine apna naya paintra khela, maine apna haath uski choot me khol diya. Main hairan reh gayi, Maa ko kuchh khaas fark nahin para. Maine uski choot me khoob haath chalaya aur uska phawwara phoot para. Saath hi saath Ravish neb hi apna maal Maa munh me daal diya. Wo dono dheele par gaye to main unko bed per para hua chhorker apne room me aagayi. Us raat Ravish Maa ke paas hi soya aur shayad uski aur chudai ki. Us din Maa ko zaleel karne ke baad meri ego ko shaanti mili aur main phir Maa ko zyada tang nahin karti thi. Ravish ka jab bhi man karta wo Maa ko chodta.

Maza to tab aaya jab lagbhag 2 mahine baad Maa ko ultiyan aani shuru ho gayin. Wo mere paas aayi aur muskurate hur kehne lagi, "Malika main pet se hoon". Maine chutki lete hue poochha, "Acchha, kiska hai, hamare dhobi ka". Wo hansne lagi aur kehne lagi, mazak mat ker aur bata ke kya karna hai. Maine kaha ke tumhara paap hai khud sambhalo. Wo kehne lagi, sambhal to main loongi, lekin logon ko kya kahoongi ke ye kiski aulad hai. Maine usse poochha, tu kya chahti hai, wo boli, main is bacchhe ko janam dena chahti hoon. Maine ye baat Ravish ko batai to wo thoda pareshan ho gaya, wo kehne laga ke main bhi chahta hoon baap banna lekin uske liye hame ye jagah chhorker kahin aur jaana hoga. Hum sab log taiyaar ho gaye. Ravish ne bola hum log Maharashtra me jaakar rahenge, kyunki usko wahan per koi job mil rahi hai. Ye sab hone ke lagbhag ek mahine baad mujhko maloom hua ke main bhi pregnant hoon. Hum log bahut khussh hue. Hum log lagbhag ek mahine baad apna UP wala ghar chhorker, Maharashtra aa gaye aur yahin bas gaye. Aaj hame yahan aaye hue 5 saal ho gaye hain. Is beech hamare parivaar me 5 naye member aa gaye hain. Mujhko ek beta aur ek beti, Maa ko ek beti, Aaayesha ko ek beti aur Maryam ko bhi ek beti. Sab tandurust hain aur hum log hansi khusshi jee rahe hain. 

Son Of A Bitch Story -- एक कुतिया कहानी का बेटा

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ye us wqt k baat hai jab main dasvi kaksha mein padta tha. Mummy papa ki chudai dekh kar main roz roz mummy ke naam ki muth marne laga thaa. Jab mummy ghar par nahi hoti thee to mein kabhi sarson ke tel ko apni hatheli par daal kar apne lund

par chuped leta thaa aur dono haatho ki muthi bana kar apne lund ko aage peeche karta thaa aur apni aankhen band kar ke imagine kartha tha ki mein mummy ki choot main apna lund daal raha hoo. Mummy papa ki chudai dekhte huye mujhe laghbagh

ek saal se upar ho gaya thaa. Ab mujhe har tarah ke aasan (pose) jisme papa mummy ki chudai karte the, ka pata chala gaya tha, main bus is intezar mein tha ki kisi tartah se koi choot mujhe mil jaye jiss_se mein apne laude ki agni shant kar

sakooo. Jab sarson ka tel khatam hota thaa toh main ghar mein rakhi malai ko b apne haatheli mein le kar masalta tha, jis_se who pighal kar oily ho jaati thee aur mein phir us ko apne lund par masal leta thaa. Sarson ka teil toh jaldi sookh jaata tha par

malai kafi der tak chiknai banaye rakhti thee. Pehle pehle toh mera lund babhut hi jaldi se pani chore deta thaa, lekin ab maine apne lund ko control karma seekh liya tha, jiss se mera lund bahut der tak tight rehta thaa aur mera paani bahut der

baad nikalta tha. Kabhi kabhi toh aisa hi hota thaa ki main muth maarte maarte thak jata tha par mere lund se paani nahi nikalta thaa.

Mera ek dost thaa jiske saath meri dosti ho gayee thee, who hamare mohalle main naya naya kiraye par aaya thaa. Sham ko hum dono milte aur kheltey rehte. Who kafi sexy thaa aur bahut hi sexy baatein karta thaa. Usne ek din baton baton mein mujhe

bataya ki usne bahut si ladkiyon ko aur aurton ko choda huyay hai aur kitni kiktni baar ek raat main un aurton or ladkiyon ko chodta thaa, kis tarah se unke mooh mein apna lund dalta thaa.

Uski baatein sun sun kar mera b lund tight ho jata thaa aur mein ghar par jaa kar muth marta thaa, muth maate huye main hameshan apni mummy ke bare mein hi sochta thaa, jaise who papa se chudwati thee aur us wqt papa ki jagah par main hota

thaa aur mummy ki kas-kas kar chudaee karta thaa. Mummy ke naam ki muth maartey huye main kitni kitni der tak jharta nahi thaa, lund mere haath mein garam ho jata thaa aur mein thak jaata tha, phir main muthi marne ki speed tez kar deta thaa aur

phir kahin ja kar mera lund apne tezab ki dhaar chhorta thaa.

Aakhir maine socha ki aise kab tak main apni mummy ke bare main sochta rahunga aur kab tak apni muthi marta rahunga. Ab kuch karna hi padega...main mummy ko chodne ke barey mein sochne laga.. akhir ghar ki baat ghar mein hi rahegi, kisi ko bahar pata b nahi chalega... chudayee dekhte dekhte huye bada huya aur kitna seksi ho gaya. Kaise mera ek dost bana jo ki mujhe apne ladkiyon aur aurton ke saath chudayee ki baatein karta rehta thaaa. Main pata nahi kitni baar mummy ke mummey ke bare mein aur jab

papa mummey ki choot aur baki holes mein yani k mooh mein aur gaand mein lund dal kar maja lete the. Ab mera lund b roz roz sarson ke teil ya malai ke maalish karne se aur kitni kitni der tak muthi marne se bilkul papa k lund k tarha se ho gaya tha.

Mera shreer papa k tarah se lagta thaa.Ek nazar mein agar mummy b dekh le toh usse b pata na chale ki ye papa ka lund hai ya unke bete ka.. main mummy ko chodne ka plan bnaney laga. Jaise maine aapko bataya tha ki hamarey ghar mein sirf

do hi kamre the. Ek mein mein aur mummy rehte the aur dusre mein papa akele hi rehte the. Mein mummy ke saath ek h bed par sota thaaa. Maine aaj tak kabhi himmat nahi k thee k mummy ko sote sote touch b kiya ho.. jabki kai baar main jab

paishab karne ke liye raath ko uth_jata thaa aur mummy need mein besudh ho kar soyee huyee hoti thee, unka gown upar (Jahan par painty hoti hai) utha hota thaa.. aur unki gori gori tangent dekh kar mein apne hosh kho baith_tha aur mera lund

tan_tana kar khara ho jata thaa. Phir sari raath mujhe need nahi aati thee aur mujhe muthi maar kar apne lund ko shant karma padta thaa. Phir main muthi marne kay baad mummy ke khyalon mein kho kar so jaata thaa aur meethe meethe sapno mein kho jata thaa. ek din mere lund par kuch

jyada hi saroor chada huya thaa mera lund tha ki lohe ki tarah se tight ho gaya thaa, maine kitni der tak bathroom mein jaakar muthi b mari parantu kuch fark nahi pada balki muthi marne se who aur b tight ho gaya thaa.. mera haath, muthi marte marte thak gaya tha a. main apne kamre main aa

mummy ke side par lait gaya. Main us wqt night suit dala tha..yani k T-shirt aur half paint, kyonki main garmiyon mein half pant aur t-short hi dalta thaa aur neeche kuch nahi sirf do hi kapde hote the. Aur mummy be gown ke neeche bra nahi dalti thee aur raat ke time unke gaown ke

neeche panty b nahi hoti din mummy ka gown kafi upar tak utha huya tha mummy ki peeth meri taraf thee aur tangen toh bilkul nangi ho gayee thee.. maine himmat kar ke unke paas ja kar baith gaya aur dhyan se dekhne laga lekin mujhe unko choot nahi dikhai dee, gown ke \/ type

neck se unke bhari bhari mummey jude huye dikhaee de rahe thee jo \/ shape se bahar aane ko baitab ho rahe thee aur aadhe se zyada dikhai de rahe the. Aaj mere mann main shaitan ghus chukka thaa aur main soch chukka thaa ki mummy ko touch toh kar ke hi rahunga...main sochne laga

ki kis tarah se mummy ke choot ke darshan karoon... mummy ke mummey dekhne ke baad toh mera lund aur b tight hone lag gaya thaa mere lund mein sakhti ki vajah se dard hone laga thaa. lund thaa ki neeche hone kaa naam nahi le rahaa thaa. mere shaitani dimag mein ek plan aaya, maine

farsh se ek keedi (ant) ko bade pyar se uthaya aur mummy ke choot ke paas chood diyar aur main mummy ke side mein aa kar leit gaya.. thori der baad keedi jab mummy kee choot ke paas chalne lagi toh mummy ko kuch sursurahat (khujli) jaise mehsoos huyee, mummy ne neend mein hi

khujli kee, jis vajah se mummy tangent khul gayee thee aur mummy ki choot ke aaspass ke jhante (hair) dikhne lage the... aur choot ke thore thore darshan hone lage the.. mera lund yeh seen dekhkar aur b tight ho gaya thaa. mummy kharish kar ke plhir se so chuki thee,

ab mummy peeth ke bal so rahi thee aur mummy ki dono tangent khuli thee, gown hat jane ki vajah se choot aur aaspaas ke jhante dikhaee dene lage the, choot ke dono lips b thore se khul chuke the, mummy ke choot ke lips bade bade the, main eek book me pada tha ki in lips ko 'labia'

kehte hain, woh kisi santre ki fank jaise lagte thee, bilkul bhare bhare huye. Un santre ki fanko ko dekh kar mere honth sookhne lage, lekin unko choone ki himmat abhi b mere mein nahi thee. Mujhe ek aur plan soojha. Maine chupke se uth kar ek aur ant farsh se uthaee aur usse utha kar

mummy ke choot ke honth par rakh diya aur mein mummy ke paas aa kar peeth ke bal leit gaya aur apna lohe jaisa tight lund ko half pant se nikal diya (jo ki mummy ki taraf tha) mera lund bilkul right ho kar chhat ki taraf teer ki tarah se seedha ho kar khara tha. Main apni aakhon par apni baaju

rakh lee aur baju ke niche se dekhne laga ki ab kya hota hai, lagbagh 1-2 mint hi beete honge ki mummy ke choot mein keedi ne katna shuru kar diya aur mummy ko jor se khujli huyee.. mummee ne ekdum se apna dayan haath apni choot par mara aur apni choot kee fankon ko masalne

lagi, who uth kar baith gayee thee. Keedi ko unhone shayad masal kar marr diya thaa, unki neend khul chuki thee, kamre mein zero watt ka balb jal raha thaa. jiski roshni main mujhe sab kuchh dikhai de raha thaa. maine dekha ki mummy ne uthne ke baad apni aankhen masal kar pehle

apni choot ki taraf dekha aur phir apnee choot ke upar haath dal kar keedi ko utha kar dekha aur usse ek taraf dal diya. Keede dalne ke baad mummy ne meri taraf dekha mera lund lohe ki tarah se tight ho kar chhat ki taraf khara huya thaa, maine apna ek haath apni aankhon par rakha

thaa aur dusra haath aise faila rakha tha, k jaise main gehri neend main so raha hoon...achanak mummy ki nazar mere lund par gayee aur mummey ka mooh aur aankhen dono khuli ki khuli reh gayee. Mummy thora aur aage aa gayee aur mere lund ko paas aa kar dekhne lagee ke

ye sachmuch mein asli hai ki nakli lund toh nahi dekh rahi hai. mummy ne meri taraf dekha aur socha ki main so raha hoo, mummy ne apna haath dheere dheere se bada kar mere lund ke suparey par rakh diya, mummy ka garam garam haath mere lund par padte hee mere lund ne salam

karma shuru kar diya aur upar neeche hone laga, mummy ko aise laga k jaise kisi ghore ya gadhe ka lund upar neeche ho raha ho. Who peeth ke bal mere paas leit gayee aur aur apna ek haath mere jaise hi apni aankhon par rakh liya aur apna doosra haath mere lund par rakh kar mere

lund ko muthi main le kar upar neeche karne lagi... mera lund mummy ke chhoone se aur b right ho kar fatne faise ho gaya thaa, mere lund ki nasso mein bahut khoon bhar chukka tha, jaise kisi gubbare ko bhar kar ek taraf se dabaya jaye aur dusri taraf ka gubbara hawa ke dabav se aur b tight ho jata hai, mera b yahi haal ho raha thaa,. mein aise show kar raha tha jaise main gehri neend mein hoo, mummey jab mere lund ki chamdi ko upar neeche karti thee toh mere mooh se anayas hi uuuuuhhhhhh, ooommmmhh, aaaahhhhh ki awazein nikalne lagti thee, kuch der kane ka

baad mummey ne apne dono haathon ko mere lund par lapet diya, jaisse kisi dande ko apni muthi mein dabaya huya ho. Aur dono hathon se upar neeche karne lagi. Aur mere lund tha ki chootne ka naam ni nahi le raha tha,....mummey thori thori der baad meri taraf dekh leti thee ki kahni main

jag na jaaoon... achanak mummy ne uth kar apna mooh mere lund ke paas kar liya aur mere lund ke supade ko chuymmi de di, lund ke supade par chummi lene par mera lund aur b jor jor se salami dene laga, jaise who khush ho raha ho. ..mujhe dar tha ki kahin mere lund se garam pani

ka fowarra na choot jaye.. main apne lund ko akda kar aur b tight kar liya taki garam pani na nikal sake. ... achanak mummy ne chummi lene ka baad mere lund ke supade ko apne mooh mein bhar liya... mummy ke hontho ka dabav mere lund par upar neleche ho raha thaa. aur mujhe

apne lund par lislisa lislisa b lag raha thaa aur bahut maja b aa raha tha... main khud ko rok nahi saka aur apne chootron ko upar neleche karne laga.. mummy mere lund ko apne mooh mein last tak le rahi thee yani ke who deep-throating kara rahee thee, unke mooh se gooo...gooo ki

awazein b aa rahi thee...aakhir kuchh der baad mere lund ne apna garam garam virya chhor hi diya jisse k mummy jhat se apne gale ke neech gatak liya.virya gatakne ke baad mummy kuch der aur b lund ko pyar se choosti rahi aur phir jab lund sikudne laga toh who lund ko pyar se dekhte

huya ek last chumma diya aur meri taraf peeth kar ke soo gayee. Main apne haath ko apni aankhon par se hataya. Mere hontho par smile thee. Main samajh gaya ki mummy ko mera lund pasand aa gaya thaa aur ab agle lplan mein mein mummey ko chodne wala thaa.

main be vaise ka vaisa leta raha aur pata nahi kab mujhe neend aa gayee.subah jab main utha toh maine dekha k mummy uth chuki thee aur mera lund b murjha chukka thaa aur abhi b mera lund meri half pant se bahar thaa, murjha chukne ke baad b mere lund ka size 7 inch ka thaa.

last night ki baat soch kar mere lips par smile aa gayee. Main ab aage pa plan sochne laga. Mein uth kar kichan mein gaya mummey meri taraf dekh kar muskrat di aur poocha,

uth gaya ravi... aur neend kaise aayee raat ko.. (unke hontho par abhi b muskarahat thee)..

main serious ho kar bola.. haa mummy neend toh theek aayee, lekin mera shreer toot raha hai aur bahut thakawat ho rahi hai... aur dil karta hai ki abhi jakar soo jayoon....

mummy boli... achha achha jakar haath mooh dho le aur nashta kar le..dekh aaj main tumhare pasand ka nashta banaya hai... aur kheer b banayee hai...

mein: waah kheer, mummy aaaj toh maja aa jayega.

Mummy: haa beta, aat toh tumhe bahut majaa aaayega.

Mein haath mooh dhone chala gaya aur main samajh gaya ki mummy ke man main kya kheer pak rahi hai.

Main jakar kitchen mein neeche baith gaya. Mummy mere liye nashtra lagane lagi. Mummy ne ghar mein dalne wali maxi dali huyee thee jo who aam taur par ghar main night ko dalti thee. Mummy ne aaj maxi(gown) ke neeche kale rang ki bra dali huyee thee aur who bra bahut hi tight thee,

mummy ke mummey usme bahut hi tight lag rahe they aur teer ki tarah se bilkul seedhe khare huye the. Mummy ne aaj panti nahi dali huyee thee jis se mummy ke chutar (jab who chalti thee toh) upar neeche hil rahe the aur mummy ke hilte huye chootron ko dekh kar mere man mein anaar foot

rahe they. Mummy ke lehratey huye chootron ko dekh kar mere lund me khusar--pusar honi shuru ho gayee thee. Maine mummy k taraf dekha, mummy ke hontho par muskarahat thee aur who smile bahut he seksy thee. Mummy ne mujhe khana prosna shuru kiya toh who jaan-boojh kar

apni tangon ko seedhey rakh kar pura ka pura hi jhuk jatti thee, jis se unke bra ke ander tight mummon ka pura ka pura darshan mujhe ho raha tha. Mummy ke big big mummey apas main jud kar ek drar si bna rahe the jaise dono mummey apas main jaffi dal rahe ho.

Mummy jab khana serv ker ke vapas jatti thee tho, who janboojh kar matak matak kar chalti thee, shayad voh janti thee ke main unko dekh raha hoo. Mummy ki hilte huye chooter dekh kar mera lund pathar ki tarah se tight ho chukka tha aur main lund ko ek haath se daba kar dusre haath

se nashta kar raha thaa. mummy jab phir se nashta dene ke liye aayee toh main tabhi b apne ek haath se apne lund ko daba rakha tha . .. mummy mujhe iss halat main dekh kar muskarayee, parantoo kuch boli nahi.

Main jaldi jaldi se khana khaya aur jab mummy ke peeth meri taraf thee toh main chupke se uth gaya, taki mummy mere ubhre huye tight lund ko na dekh sake. Is baat ko mummy b bhamp chuki thee ki mera lund pathar ki tarah se tight ho chukka thaa.

Main raat ka besabri se intezar kar raha thaa. raat ko main aakar bistar par peeth ke bal lait kar ke so gaya. Aur apni aankhon par ek baaju rakh dee jo haath mummy ki taraf thaa who haath main apne pait par rakha rehne diya. Thori der baad mummy aaye aur mujhe awaz dee, Ravi beta Ravi.. lekin mein chupchaap soya raha.. mummy ne light band kar di. Mujhe phir khatar-patar ki awazein aati rahi,

pata nahi mummy kaya kar rahi thee. Thori der baad mujhe mehsoos hua k mummy bed par let gayee hai becoz bed par char_marahat huyee thee. Phir mujhe aisa mehsoos huya k mummy pehle toh chupchap bed par padi rahi aur phir dheere-dheere hilne lagi aur aur phir mujhe achanak

mehsooos huya ki mummy ka shreer mere shreer ke saath touch huya hai aur mujhe yeh b behsoos huye ki unka night gown bahut upar tak utha huya thaa ya shayad unhone kapde hi nahi dale huye thee. Main vaise hi saans roke chupchaap pada raha, k dekhta hoon k mummy kya karti hain.

Achanak mujhe aisa laga ki mummy ne apna ek haath mere pait par dal diya jaise unka haath achanak yani k need main hi mere upar aa gaya ho. Kuchh pal k liye unka haath aise hi pada raha. Kuch der baad mummy ka

haath mere pait se sarak kar mere kapdon ke upar se mere lund ko touch karne laga. Mera lund pehle hi mummy ke bare mein soch soch kar pathar jaise sakht ho chukka tha. Mummy ke haath ko touch karte hi who saamp k tarah se upar neeche jhatke maarne laga. Mummy dheere dheere mere kapdon ke upar se me mere lund ko pyar se sehlane lagi.akhir kuch der ke sehlane ke baad mummy ne mere pajama ke ander haath dal diya aur bina mere pajama ka nada khole hi mere lund ko ander se pakad liya aur pyar se sehlane lagi. Mere lohe jaise sakht lund ko pakad kar mummy ke

mooh se siski nikal gayee thee...aur dheere se boli haaye kitna lumba aur mota land hai...kaash main isse apni choot mein le sakti... mummy ne beshak ye baat bahut dheere -2 se kahi thee lekin raat ke sannate main

mujhe yeh baat sunayee de gayee thee. Phir mummy ne meri taraf dekha aur meri eyes mere haath se dhakki huyee thee lekin main sab kuch dekh raha thaa. mummy ne dheere dheere se mere pajama ka naada khol diya aur mere pajama ko khulla kar diya taki who mere lund ko pura apne

haath me le sakein aur upar neeche kar sake. Pajama ko neeche karne ke baad mummy uthkar baith gayee thee aur mummy ne mere lohe jaise

sakht lund ko apne dono hatho mein bhar liya mera lund unko haatho se bahar nikal raha thaa. mummy ne lund ko pyar se upar neeche karma shuru kar diya aur achanak mujhe mehsoos huya ke mere lund ke charo taraf kuchh lislisa jaisa lag raha tha. Maine dhyan se dekha ke mummy ne

mere lund ko apne mooh mein bhar liya thaa aur who apne mooh mein bhar kar upar neelche kar rahi thee. Achanak mummy ne mere lund par apne hontho ko tight kar ke jor jor se choosna shuru kar diya mere lund mummy ke choosne se aur b tight hona shuru ho gaya thaa. ab mera lund

mummy ke gale tak ander tak jaa ra thaa. mere hontho se siskari nikalna chahti thee par main badi mushkil se apni siskari ko rok rakha thaa. kyonki main nahi chahta thaa k mummy ko pata chale ki main jag ratha

thaa. laghbagh 15 minutes mere lund choosne ke baad mere lund ne mummy ke mooh main garam garam virya ki pichkari chood dee laghbagh 5-6 baar pichkari chhodne ke baad mummy ne mere lund ko choosna jari rakha aur puri tarah se virya-rus peen eke baad jab mere lund ne sikudna

shuru kiya toh mummy ne mere lund ko chhod diya. Mujhe aise laga jaise mere shreer se jaan hi nikal gayee ho. Kuch der mere lund ko apne haathon se sehlane ke baad mummy phir meri taraf peeth kar ke so gayee. Ab mujh se se sehan nahi ho raha thaa. main mummy ko chodna chahata thaa lekin mein chahta thaa ki mummy ko mein kuchh na kahu, balki mummy khud he apne

aap ko chodne ke liya kahe. Main is ke liye plan bananey laga. Agle din papa ko kuch rishtedaar key yahan kuch dino ke liye kaam thaa iss liye who subah jaldi se tayyar ho kar train

pakad kar chale gaye. Ab hum dono ghar mein akele thee. Us din mummy ne b kaam se chhuti le lee aur kaam par nahi gayee. Main samajh gaya ki mummy ka dil dol raha hai aur mere lumbe mote lund ko pana chahti hai. main subah jaanboojh kar leit tak soya raha aur jab mujhe andaja ho gaya ki mummy mujhe uthane ke liye

aa rahi hai toh main peeth ke bal let gaya aur apne lund ko tight kar ke so gaya. Mere lund aise ho gaya jaise koi tent bana huya ho. Mummy bahar se mujhe awazein maar rahi thee.. ravi .. o ..ravi.. uth jaaa ab toh.. bahut subah ho gayee

hai… bahut kaam hai ghar mein,… maine kapde b dhone hai… ravi… uth ja beta …

mujhe mummy k awazein aa rathi thee par main unko ansuna kar raha tha… taki

mumy room mein aa kar mere lund ko dekhe aur unka mood kuchh seksy ho jaye.. aakhi kuch der baad mummy mujhe pukarti huyee kamre mein aaye aur jaise hi ander aayee unki nazar seedhe mere tight lund par gayee jo chadar ke ander se

tent bana kar khara thaa… main chader ke ander se ek hole se sab dekh raha thaa.. mummy mere tent bane huye lund ko door se nihar rahi thee. Is time mmummy ne ek purani se sari dali huyee thee. Unka blouse bahut he tight thaa, mummy ke mummy aise lag rahe the jaise big-big bhare huye gubbare hon.

mummy ne ek pal ke liye idhar udhar deha aur phir dheerey se chupke se mere paas aa gayee aur apna ek haath aagey kar ke mere lund ke supare ko chander ke upar se hi apni muthi mein le liya aur pyar se sehlane lagi.. mummy ki saansey

bhari bhari ho rahi thee… phir mummy ne apna dusra haath aagey bada diya aur mere lund ko dono haatho mein le kar sehlane lagi.. mera lund puri tarah se tight ho kar pathar jaise sakht ho ratha tha.. mummy ke dono haatho se mere supara bahar

ho raha tha… mummy ke mooh se siskari nikli .. pata nahi mummy kya soch rahi

thee.. aakhir mummy se raha nahi gaya aur unhone chadar utar kar mere lund ko pakad liya jo k abi b pajama ke ander tha… mujhe mummy ke haatho ka ahsaas ho

raha thaa… mummy se raha nahi gaya.. unhone mera pajama ka nada b khol diya..aur lund ko apne dono haatho main le kar mere suparey ko upar neeche karne

lagi.. mere lund pathar ki tarah se sakht ho raha thaa. Mere mere bistar ke paas

baithi huye mere lund ko pyar se sehla rahi thee. Aur mere lund se khel rahi thee.
Mummy ne mere lund ke supare ko apne hontho se laga liya aur supare ko jor jor se choosne lagi aur phir mere pure lund ko he apne mooh mein bhar liya.. adha lund

unke mooh mein aur adhe lund ko apne hathon main bhara huya thaa mummy ne. akhir mummy se raha nahi gaya aur who bol hi padi..uth rave bete .. uth… naa dekho tumhari mummy ka kya haal hai.. kyon tarpa rahe ho… utho naa.. dekho tum,hari mummy kaise tarap rahi hai…utho aur apni mummy ki bhookh shant karo..

akhir mujh se b raha nahi gaya aur maine chadar ek taraf dal dee. Kya baat hai mummy.. kehte huye mere hontho par muskarahat thee aur main muskura raha thaa. Mere mooh k taraf dekh kar mummy ne kaha… jaise too kuch nahi janta..kyon

tarpa raha hai.. maine kaha .. main kahan tarpa raha hoo.. mmmy .. tarpa toh aap hi

rahe ho..kitne dino se.. pata nahi kitno dino se aapke naam ki muth mar raha hooo. Ye kehkar main apni mummy ko neeche se utha kar apni bahon mein bhar liya aur

bistar par apne sath bitha liya.. mummy mere seene se lagkar rone lagi.. maine mummy ko chup karaya aur bola..bus karo mummy ab main aapko aur preshan nahi

karunmga…aap jo kahogi main apka kehna manuga..aap bus rona bas karo.. yeh

kehkar maine b mummy ko apni bahon mein jor jor ka bhar ke dabane laga.. mummy ke mummey meri chhati mein dabne lage thee. Mummy ke hatthon main mera tight huya lund abhi b thaa aur mummy mere lund ko jor jor se daba rahi thee.

Maine apni mummy se poocha mummy tume mera lund pasand hai… ha beta.. tumhara lund toh kisi ghore ya gadhe ke lund ke saman hai..(mummy sharmate huye boli)..tumhara lund to tumhare papa se b lumba or mota hai…maine jab iss lund ko pehli bar dekha thaa. .. tabhi soch liya iss lund se main apni choot ke tukde tukde karwaungi.

sun kar apne aap par biswas nahee kar pa raha tha aur ma se lipat gaya aur unko chumte hue bola, "ooh, ma. Mera sapna honewala hai, mujhko eh biswash nahee

horaha hai." ma ab bistar par se uth kar kharee ho gayee aur apni blouse kholne lagee. Jaise hi ma ne apni blouse utaree to mai ma ki kharee kharee chunchee bra

me dekh kar garam ho gaya aur mera lund upar neeche hone laga. Phir ma ne

dheere-2 se apni saree utarnee shuru kia aur saree utar kar apni petticoat bhi utar diya. Ab ma mere samne sirf bra aur panty me khari thee aur isse ma ki nangee sbadan saf saf dikh raha tha. Mai iske pahale kabhi apni ma ko nangee nahee

dekha tha aur is samay unko sirf panty aur bra me dekh kar mera matha ghum gaya. Mujhe ehsas hua ki meri ma bahut hi sundar aurat hai. Unka ha rang bilkul sudol sahi nap ki hai. Meri ma kareeb 5'5" lambee hai aur unka wajan kareeb 60 kg hoga. Unke nange mummey bahut hi khubsurat hai aur unki kamar to lazabab, bilkul

patlee si. Unka chutar ka kuch na pucho, gol gol thora phaila hua. Meri ma ki tange bahut hi sundar aur sath me unki janghe bilkul tarashi huyee murti ke jaise lambi lambi aur attrective. Meri ma ke shareer par bal kuch jyada hi hai jo ki badan ke

neechle hisse me aur bhi jyada hai. Lekin unke bal jyada hone se kuch pharak

nahee parta, kyonkee jyada se wo aur bhi sexy lag rahee thee. "tume apni mummy ka nanga shreer pasand hai?" ( ab mein mummy ko maa likhunga) maa ne mujhse

pucha. Thora ruk kar maa ne phir pucha, "kya tumhe is badan se maza mikaga, kya tumhe hamari eh nanga badan pasand hai?" mai ma ko hairani se dekhta raha.

Mujhe eh samajh me nahee aa raha tha ki kahin ma mujhse mazak to nahee kar

rahee hai? Mai jab ki ankhon me dekha to paya ki ma bahut serios hai. Meri ma bahut ghabra bhi rahee thee. Lekin ma ko eh pata nahee tha ki mai unkee baton par kya kahunga aur isiliye who ghabra rahee thee.

Maine apni maa ko unki chutar ko pakar kar apne pas kheench liya aur apna sir unke pet se ne sata diya aur unke pet ko chumne laga. Mai maa ki pet par apna sir rakh kar unke badan ki khusbu sungh raha tha. Maa ki badan ki khusbu sunghte hi

mera khoon khaolne laga aur mai pagal hota jar aha tha mere lund tan-tana kar

upar neleche salami de raha thaa.. Thori der ke bad ma ne mujhe apna kurta utarne me sahayog diya aur mai apna kurta utar diya. Phir ma ane mere paijama ka nara

bhi kheench diya aur mera paijama mere pairon ke neeche khisaka diya. Maine apne chutar upar kar ke pajama ko nikalne mein maddad kar di. Paijama neeche

girte hi mera khara lund bahar aakar hawa me jhulne laga. Is samay mera lund

khara ho kar kareeb 8" lumba ho gaya tha aur puri tarah se tana hua tha apni motai ki darshan kara raha thaa. Mera supara hamesha ki tarah se tight hone ki vajah se lal ho raha thaa. Mera khara lund ko dekh kar meri ma muskura di aur sirf

"aaaaahhhhhh" ki awaz hi mooh se nikal saki. Thori der ke bad ma ne mere lund ko pakar kar usko apne hathon se sahalate hue boli, " beta lag raha hai ki tumhara auzar (danda) kisi bhi aurat ko aur khas kar mujhe khush kar sakta hai. Aur akgar kisi kunwari ladki ke choot main chala jaye toh uski toh choot hi phat jayegi." phir

maa mere samne jameen par baith gayee aur mere lund se khelne lagee. Dhire dhire ma ne mere supare ko apne jeebh se mere supare ko sahalane lagee mera to sir ghum raha tha aur mooh lal ho raha thaa. mai apni ma ko pakar kar uthaya aur

apne godi par apne taraf mun karke baitha liya. Phir mai mai apni ma se lipat gaya

aur unko chumne laga thori der tak chumne ke bad mai hath barha kar ma ke peeche le gaya aur unki bra ki hook khol diya. Bra khulte hi ma ki bari bari aur gol

gol aur bhari bhari chuncheeyan bahar mere nazron ke samne nikal aayee. Maa ki chunchean bahut hi sundar thee aur unka size kareeban 38d tha aur upar ki taraf

tane tane the. Maa ki chuncheon ka nipple rang ghare bhure rang ka tha aur aur

mote angoor ke size ka honge. Mai jaise un chunceon ko chua mujhe wo dono bahut naram aur garam lagee. Mai jhuk kar ma ki chuncheon ki nipple apne muh me liya aur dhire dhire chusne laga. Jaise jaise mai nipple ko chus raha tha unki size

barh-ne lagaa aur puri tarah se tan kar kharee ho gayee. Jaise kisi ipathar se bani murti ki hoti hai. Main buri tarah se apni ma ki chunchee ko choos raha tha aur maa kabhi kabhi dard se karah deti magar maa ne ek bar bhi mujhko aisa karne se nahee roka aur mujhko apni marjee ka karne diya.

Main maa ki chunchee chuste hue maa se lipta ja raha raha aur jab mai bahut garam ho gaya to mai bister mein apni maa ko lekar let gaya. Maa mere upar let

gayee. Mai pir maa ko pakar kar palat gaya aur maa key upar char kar maa ko

chumne laga aur dono hathon se unki chuncheeyan masalne laga. Thori der ke bad mujhko laga ki ab maa ki choot ki chudai karnee chahie. Mai itma garam ho gaya tha ki mujhko maa ki choot ki ched bhi nahee dikh raha tha. Maa hans paree aur

apni dono tangon ko Upar utha liya mere chatee par apne pair rakh kar mujhko neeche kar diya. Ab meri nazaron ke samne maa ka choot puri tarah se khula hua tha aur wo khulee choot mere lund ko dawat de rahee thee. Maa ne apane hath barha kar mera khara hua lund pakar liya aur apne choot ke darwaje se laga diya.

Mera lund maa ki choot se lagte ho main ek hi dhakke ke sath apna lund maa ki choot me ghuserh diya. Jaise hi mera lund maa ki choot me pura ka pura ghus gaya, maa ke muh se halkee si siskari nikalee aur wo muskura kar meri taraf

dekhne lagee. Choot ke andar lund jate hi mujhe laga ki maa ki choot ke andar kitni

garami hai aur wo pura ras se bhari hui hai. Mera lund bare asani ke sath ma ki choot ke andar bahar ho raha tha. Mujhe aaj ke pahale kabhi bhi itna anad nahee

hua jaisa ki aaj ma ki choot ke andar lund pel kar ho raha tha. Eh mere liye ek naya aur sukhad anubhav tha.

Mai apne lund apni ma ki choot ke andar dhakka marne laga aur ma bhi mere har dhakke ka jawab de rahee thee. Dhire dhire mere aur ma dono sath sath djakke marne lage. Jaise hi mai apna lund unki choot se bahar nikaltee to ma bhi apni kamar neeche kar letee aur jaise hi mai dhakka mar kar apna lund andar karta to

ma apni kamar utha kar mere lund ko apni choot me mera lund ghuswa rahee thee. Mai kabhi ma ke gal aur hont chum leta tha aur apni dono hathon se unki khari khari chuncheeuan masal raha tha. Phir maa ne apni chudai ka speed barhana shuru kiya aur jor jor se el dusre ko chodne lage. Maa neeche apni kamar uchal uchal kar mera lund apni choot se kha rahee thee. Unki choot se pani chitak chitak kar nikal raha tha aur choot ke charo tarah gila gila sa ho gaya tha. Maa mujhko ab apne hatho se meri peeth pakar rakhee thee aur apne pairon se mera kamar pakar rakhee thee. Mai apni kamar utha utha kar hachak hachak se apni maa ki choot me apna lund pel

raha tha aur maa mere dhakke ke sath siskariuan mar rahee thee aur nbol rahee thee, "mar mar beta aur jor jor se dhakke mar. Teri maa ki choot bahut pyasee hai aur isko tere jaisa mota tagra aur lumba lund hi chahie jo ki andar tak ja kar meri choot ki maleesh kare aur meri khujli mita sake. Aur chod mere bete aur jor se chod

apni maa ko, bahut maza mil raha hai. Meri choot tera lund kha kar bahut khush ho rahee hai. Ahhhhh!!!! Ohhhh!!!! Bahut maza mil raha hai. Ohhhh! Ravee tera lund mere bachhedani ke upar chot mar rha hai.ek ajeeb hi anand milta hai Dekh rukna mat, ab mai bahut jldee jharne wali hun." mai bhi ma ko chodte hue maa se

kaha, "hai! Meri chudasi maa tumhe chod kar mujhe bahut maza aa raha hai. Meri pehli chudai mein hi tum jaise pyari pyari aur sexy muymmy mil gayee. Le le mera lund apni choot me le… apne Ravee bete ka lund khaa. Delh kaise mera lund teri choot me ghus raha aur nikal raha hai. Dekho to sahee kaise tera choot mera lund

kha kar phul gaya hai. Hai, ab mai tumko roz isi tarike se chodunga. meri maa mujhse chudte chudte bol rahee thee, "han han beta chod chod.. ravi bete apni maa ko chod. Mai tera lund se chudwa kar bahut khush hun. Ab tu mujhse job hi kahega mai wo karungee.main toh teri gulam ho gaye re. Tu jab chahe meri choot ya meri

gand me apni lund dal sakta hai.

Main kaha : Tu bas aise hi mere samne apni choot khole pari rahana. Han, kal se tum jab tak ghar par rahogee nangee hi rahana. Mai bhi nanga hi rahunga. Bahut

maza aiga." isitarah se mai maa aur mai chodte rahe aur thori der ke bad ek jor dar dhakka mar karke apni maa ki choot ki bachhedani tak apna lund andar jarh tak dal kar jhar gaye. Mere virya se maa ko puri ki puri chot bhar gayee. Mere jharne ke sath ma bhi jhar gayee aur nidhal ho kar bistar par pari raheen. Kafi der tak mai aur

meri ma bistar chup chap ek dusre ke bahon me lete rahe. Aur jab humlogon ka sans thik hua to meri ma uth kar chali gayee. Agle din subah jab mera need khula to maine apne aap ko bahut fresh mahasus kiya. Phir mere dimag me kal rat ki sari ghatana ghum gayee aur mera lund phir se khara hone laga.

Khair, mujhko scool jana tha aur uske tayaree karnee thee. Mai yeh soch rha tha ki kal rat ke bad maa mujhse kaisa bartab karegee aur mai apne dharkte dil ke sath nashta karne ke liye breakfast table par gaya. Table par nashta rakha hua tha aur

roz ki tarah maa mera table par mera intezar kar rahee thee. Mai maa ki taraf dekha aur ma neb hi mujhko muskuratee huye dekhee. Phir maa ne mujhse muskurate huye puchee, "kal raat ko neend achhi ayee?" "han maa kal rat ko need bahut achhee aye" maine ma se nazaren na milate hue kaha. "khoob neend aye?" maa ne

phir hanse ke puchee. Thori der ke bad phir humse boli, "mujhe malum nahee tha ki tumhara lund itna lumba aur mota hoga. Kal rat ko mujhe tumse chudwa kar bahut maza mila. Mai samjhtee hun ki mujhe yahee maza roz rat ko milega." mai fauran ma se kaha, "ma roz rat ko hi kyon, agar tum chaho mai tumko chudai ka such abhi

isi waqt de sakta hun. Tum bas ek bar kaha kar to delho." ma mujhse boli, "naheen naheen abhi naheen, abhi mera bahut sa kam para hua hai, aur kal rat ki tumharee jabardast chudai se mera choot abhi tak dard se fatt rahee hai. Aaj rat ko mai phir se tumhare kamre me aungee aur tumhar lund apni munh aur choot se khaungee."

mai ko unki kamar pakar kar apni taraf kheenchte hue kaha, "ma choot se lund khana to mai samajha gaya lekin mun se lund khana mai nahee samjha." maa apne aap ko mujhse churate hue boli, "rat tak sabar karo, mai aaj rat ko mai tumhe sab samjha dungee" aur joro se hans pari.

Ma apne aap ko humse churane ki kosjis kar rajee thee, lekin mai unko kas pakar rakha hua tha. Thori der ke ma mujhse lipat gayee aur mere mathe par ek chumma diya. Phir ma ne mere hothon par bhi chumma diya. Phir mai apni jeeb ma ke munh

me dal diya aur maa mere jeeb ko chusne lagee. Thori jeeb chusne ke bad maa mujhse boli, "tum mujhko pagal bana doge ravii, mujhse kabu nahi rakha ja rahaa hai..aaaahhhhh….aur abhi tumhe school jana hai." phir maa ne apne aap ko churate hue aur apni saree theek karte hue mujhse boli, "bas ab tum school jao aur mai

tumhare pas rat ko aungee."

Dosto mujhe lagta hai ki story abi aur b lambi hoti ja rahi hai.. aur main type karte huye thak b gaya hoo..pls preshan na ho.. aur meri agli story ko zroor read kare aur lekin usdin rat ko aur na hi agle kai rat ko ma mere kamare me nahee ayee. Mujhe makum tha ma mere pitajee ki seva me lagee hui hain aur isliye mai bhi kuch nahee

bola. Mai apni ma ko mujhse chudai ke liye unke kam me disturb nahee karma chahata tha. Kareeb ek haft eke bad pitajee ki halat aur bigar gayee. Mai aur ma dono din-rat pitajee ki dekhbahl me lage rahe. Pitajee ko hospital le jana aur hospital se ana par raha tha, kyonkee doctor log koshish kar rahe the. Har rat

Ko ma pitajee ki halat dekh kar aur apni dukh se ro prtee thee. Mai roz rat apni ma ko samjhata tha aur unko apni bahon me bhar kar shant karta tha. Ma thori der me hi mere bahon me so jati thee.

Akhir me kareeb do maheno ke bad apne bimaree se larte hue mere pitajee chal base. Ma puri tarah se tut gayee aur unko need ki injection dena par raha tha. Eh hum logon ke liye bahut hi pareshani ki samay tha. Humara pura ka pura ghar apne

rishtedar aur ntedaron se bhara hua tha. Sab koi aa kar humko aur ma ko shant karne me lage hue the. Pitajee ki antim kriya karam, sradh aur shatee path ke bad rishtedar sab apne apne ghar chale gaye. Ma bhi itne samay me thori bahut sambhal gayee hue thee. Ma ab eh man liya tha pitajee wakai me chal diye the.

Humare mausi phir bhi kuch aur din tak humare ghar par bane rahe aur hum logon ko sahara diya. Pitajee ke dehant ke kareeb kareeb ek mahine ke bad humara ghar phir se khalee ho gaya. Ab ghar par sirf mai aur meri ma the aur hum ek dusre ko sahara de rahe the. Ma abhi bhi pitajee ke marne dukh kha ja rahee thee. Ma rat ko

uth kar pitajee ka nam le le kar roti rahatee thee aur mai unko shant karne ki koshish karta rahata tha. Dhire dhire samay ke sath sath ma shant gayee aur dhire dhire normal jeevan par wapis ane lagee. Jaise ma normal hone lagee mai ma ko apne sath sulane ke aur chodne ke liye inteezar karne laga. Mai kbhi kabhi ma kin

am lekar rat ko mutthhe mar leta tha.

Pitajee ke gujrne ke karib teen mahine bad ek din rat ko mai aur ma dinner kar rahe the ki ma mujhse boli, "beta khana ke bad sote samay naha lena." mai fauran

samajh gaya ki ma ke dimag me kya hai. In teen mahino me ma aur mai kuch nahee kiya tha. Khana khan eke bad mai thori der tak t.v. dekha aur phir naha liya. Nahate samay mai apn balon me sjampoo lagaya aur shave bhi kiya aur apne aap ko rat ke iye tayar kar liya. Mujhe malum tha ki rat ko kya hone wala hai. Jab naha raha tha to

mujhe bathroom ke drwaje se ma ki awaj sunai dee, "beta naha kar naye kapare pahan lena, mai tumhare liye naye kapare nikal kar ja rahee hun aur phir meri awaj ki pratiksha karna." naha kar bathroom se an eke bad maine dekha ki ma mere liye bister par ek jora naya cream rang ka kurta paijama nikal kar rakh gayee hain.

Maine unhe pahan liya aur thora sa perfume bhi laga liya. Kareeb adhe ghante ke bad mujhe ki ma ki awaj sunai dee, "beta mere kamre me aa jao." mera heart jor jor dhark raha tha aur maid dhire dhire ma ke kamre ke taraf chala gaya. Maijab ma ke kamareme ghusa to mai chaunk gaya aur mai ankhe phar phar kar dekhne laga.

Kamara pura ka pura phoolon se saja hua tha aur ma ka bitar pura ka pura khusboo wali phoolon se saja hua tha. Ma bistar par dulhan ki tarah se sajee baithee hue thee. Ma apne shade ke samay ke saree aur blouse pahanee hue the. Ma ne apne sare gahane bhi pahanee hue thee. Ma is samay mujhko bahut hi sundar lag rahee

thee aur unko dekhte hi mera lund khara hone laga. Ma ne meri taraf dekhee aur muskura kar ankhon hi ankh se mujhe apne pas bula liya.

Mai kamare me ghus gaya aur ja kar ma ke pas baith gaya. Ma bister par chup chap

baithee thee. Unki ankhen neeche jhuki hui thee aur dhire dhire muskura rahee thee. Mere ko laga ki ma eh chahatee hai ki jaise pahalee rat ko koi mard apne biwi ke pas jata hai aur usko nangee karke chodta hai, mai bhi ma ko waisee hi nangee karke chodu. Mai dhire dhire ma ke sharir se unke gahane utar liya aur unke sir se

saree ka pallu utar diya. Phir mai ma ka chehera apne hathon me lekar unko dhire dhire chumne laga. Sab se pahale mai unki hothn ko chuma phir unkhon ko chuma. Phir mai garam hokar unke chehera, nak, gala aur garden par apna chumma diya. Ma mere chummo se garam ho gayee aur siskari marne lagee aur mujhko chumne

lagee. Ma mere pure chehere ko chum rahee thee. Hum log ek dusre ko chumte hue bister par let gaye aurlette waqt mai ma ke upar tha. Mai upar ho kar maa ke hothon ko jor jor se chumne laga aur itna jor lagaya ki ma ke honth unke dant se larne lage. Humare jeev ek dusre se takra rahee thee aur humlog ek dusre ki jeev chuste hue

ek dusre ko pyar kar raha tha. Humlog apni apni jeev ek dusre ke munh ke andar dal kar ghuma rahe the. Phire dhire dhire humne ek dusre ke kapre utarne lage. Mai aur ma kapre ke neeche koi bhi underwear nahee pahane hua tha. Thorihi der me hum ek dusre ka nange badan par hath pher rahe the aur ek dusre ki nangee badan

ki hare k inch me apna apna chumma de rahe the. Ab tak humare nange badan par chumma aur katne ka nishan par chukka tha. Ma ne mera sar pakar kar apni choot ki taraf dhakel diya. Mai samajh gaya ki ma mujhse apni choot ki ghundee

Chatwana aur chuswana chahatee hai. Mai pahale kabhi bhi choot nahee chata tha aur isliye mujhko choot chatne ki kala nahee aatee thee. Ma ne tab mujhko choot chatne ka kala sikhaya. Ma ne apne dono hathon se apni choot kholee aur mujhse us khoolee choot ko neeche se upar tak chatne ko kaha. Mujhko pahale pahale ma

ki choot ka swad bahut ajeeb sa laga . Mujhko ma ki choot ka swad bilkul dahee jaisa lag raha tha. Phir dhire dhire mujhko apni ma ki choot ka swad

Acchha lagne laga aur mai man laga kar ma ki choot ko chatne aur chusne laga. Jaise jaise mai apni ma ki choot ko jor jor se chatane laga, ma pagal ho kar siskaree marne lagee aur unhone apne hathon se mera sar pakar kar apni choot par kas kar daba liya aur apne dono mote mote janghon se hume jakr liya. Mai apna

jeev jitna ho sakta tha andar dal diya aur jeev andar ghuma ghuma kar choot ke andar chatna shuru kar diya aur kabhi kabhi unki choot ki ghundee bhi apne munh me lekar chusna shuru kar diya. Thori der ke bad ma mere munh ke upor hi apni choot ko daba ke jhar gayee. Unki choot se jhatke de de kar pani nikal raha tha aur

choot se niklee mitha mitha ras mere pure munh me bhar gaya aur mai us ras ko jitna jyada ho sakta hai pee gaya. Jab ma jhar kar shant ho gayee to unhone mujhko bister par leta diya mere lund ko pakar kar uske supare ko khol liya. Phir ma jhuk kar mera lund ka khula hua supara pahale apni jeev se chatee aur phir usko apne

munh me bhar liya aur chusne lagee. Mai lund chusai se milta anand ka bat sun rakha tha lekin ab tak us anand se banchit tha. Ab jabki ma mera lund apne munh me bhar kar chus rahee thee to mujhe bahut hi anand mila aur jana ki lund chuswane se kitna such milta hai. Ma mere lund ko chuste chuste dhire dhire pura

ka pura lund apne munh me bhar liya aur mera lund unke gale se takrane laga aur ma mere lund ko apne honton aur hathon se sahalane lagee. Ma apne hathon se mere andon ko pakar kar sahala rahee thee aur mera lund chus rahee thee. Mai mare such se pagal hua ja raha tha. Mai mare garmee ke apni ma se kaha, "ma eh

tum kya kar rahee ho? Lund ko kya munh me liya jata hai? Lund ko to choot ke andar dala jata hai aur choot ke andar bahar karke chudai kiya jata hai." ma mera kaha sun kar boli, "beta mai apne bete ka lund chus rahee hun. Mujhe tumhara lund chusne se bahut maza mil raha hai. Mujhe mat rooko. Auraton ke sharir me teen

ched hota hai jisme admi apna lund pelta hai." maai ma se pucha, "ma teen kaun kaun se ched hai tumhare sharir me lund ghusane ke liye?" tab ma boli, "are beta tere ko eh bhi nahee malum? Humare sharir me ek ched to hai meri choot ki ched, dusra hai meri gand ki ched aur teesra hai meri munh. Tu ab se jab jee me aye meri

kisi bhi ched me apna lund dal mujhe chod sakta hai. Ab bas kar mujhe tera lund chusne de aur bahut dino se koi tandurust lund nahee chhusa hai." mera lund itna sukh nahee sambhal saka aur mera pani chutne ko hua. Mera lund meri ma ke munh ke andar dher sara pani chor diya. Ma mere pani ko bare aram se pee gayee.

Phirbhi, mera lund ka pani ma ki munh se ris ris kar unke nathune se hokar unke chuncheon par aur mere pet par gir gaya. Ma mera pani apne chunchee par bare aram se mal kar sukha diya.

"eh mere bete ke lund se nikla hua pani hai," ma boli. Thori der ke bad ma phir mere lund ko chumtee hue boli, "mai to bhool hi gayee thee ki ek tandurast jawan lund se kitna pani nikalta hai. Mmmmm, mujhe tumhara lund bahut pasand hai. Eh wakai me ek jawan purish ka lund hai. Mai is lund humesha humesha ke liye apne choot ke

andar rakhna chahungee. Tum chahe job hi karo, lekin mujhe apne is khoobsurat lund se juda mat karma, beta eh aaj tum wada karo. Mai

Apni puri jindagee tumhari lund ka gulam ya rakhel ban kar rahungee." mao apni ma

ki bat sunkar unki chunchee ko masalte aur chuste hue unse bola, "ma meri jindagee ka maksad aaj ke bad sirf tumko pyar karma aur chodna rahega, tum jitna chahogee utna anand mere lund se such le saktee ho." its sole aim in life will be to give you as much pleasure as you want." mai apni ma ki chunchee ko khub jor jor se

chus raha tha aur eh ummid kar raha tha mere chusne se unki chunchee se doodh nikalega. Mere chusai se ma ki chunchee se doodh nahee nikala, lekin phir bhi mai ma ki chunchee ko masalta raha aur unko apne hathon se pakar kar chusta raha.

Humlog kuch der ke liye ek dusre ke bahon lete rahe aur apni apni ukharee hue sans sambhalte rahe. Humlog tarah tarah ki bate bhi kar rahe the. Phit akhir maine apni ma se apni dimag me aa rahee bat puch hi liya. Maine ma se pucha, "ma, kaise tum aur pitajee eh taya kiya ki pitajee ke jane ke bad mai unka jagah le sakta hun?"

mai phir se pucha, "eh ek ajeeb si bat hai, kyat um is bat ko mantee ho?" thori der chup rahane ke bad ma boli, "eh tumhare pitajee ki dimag ki upaj hai. Mai ek rat tumhare pitajee eh kaha rahee thee ki kaise mai unke kharab tabiyat ki wajah se chudai ke liye taras rahee hun. Maine unse eh bhi boli ki jab tum nahee rahoge to

kaise mai bina apni choot me lund pilwa kar raha saktee hun? Tab unhone mujhse kaha ki unke marne ke bad mai phir se shadi kar saktee hun. Lekin mujhe dusree shadi ki bat jamee nahee. Isliye maine kaha ki nahee tumhare jane ke bad mai phir kisi admi se pyar nahee kar saktee hun. Phir tumhare pitajee ne mujhse kaha ki mai

shadi kiye bina hi kisi aur mard se apni choot chudwa saktee hun. To maine unse kaha ki humara samaj paschim deshon ka samaj nahee hai. Phir unhone kaha ki mai apne bete se apni choot chudwa kar apni choot ki pyas bujha saktee hun." mai in sab baton ko sun hairan raha gaya aur sochne laga ki pitajee meri ma kitna pyar

karte the aur ma se bola, "kya tumhe pitajee ki bat kuch ajeeb se nahee lagee? "han," ma boli. "tumhare pitajee ki bat sun ka pahale mai to chaunk gaya. Akhir kar mai tumhari ma hunt um mere beta ho. Mai to tumhare pitajee se unki bat sun kar bigar paree aur unse kahee, "kya anap sanap bak rahe ho? Kanhee ma apne bete

ke samne apni choot khol kar bete se chudwatee hai? Aur kya, beta ma ko chodta hai?" lekin tumhare pitajee sab pahaloo ko soch rakha tha. Unhone mujhko samjhaya ki mere liye tum hi mere sabse nazdeek ho jisse mai apni choot ki jwala shant kar saktee hun. Unhone mujhko is bat par sochne ke liye kaha. Unhone eh bhi

kaha ki agar tumse chudwatee hun to eh hum dono ke liye sukhad hota aur unko bhi is bat se shakun rahega ki meri choot ek sahee admi ke hath me hai." mai ma ki bat sun kar ma se pucha, "phir tumne kya kiya?" ma ne tab humko chumte hue boli, "mai eh bat jitna sochtee, mujhko tumhare pitajee ki bat ko sahee lagne laga.

Mujhko lagi ki agar mai eh bat ko bhul jaun ki tu mera bata hai to mujhko tere alawa dunia me aisa koi nahee hai ki jisse mai apni choot chudwa sakun. Mujhko to jab jab eh bat humare dimag me ata ki mai tumse chudwaungee to meri choot me pani bhar jata tha. Isliye mai tumhare pitajee se apni man ki bat bol diya. Lekin tumahe pitajee

bole ki pahale mujhe apne bete se bat karnee hai, kyonkee mai khud se eh bat tumse na kah paungee. Bhagwan janta hai ki jab tumhare pitajee tumse mere bare me bat kar rahe thee mai kitna ghbra gayee thee. Agar tumne pitajee ki bat na mana hota to mai bilkul se tut jatee." Mai ma ki sab baten sun kar phir se garam ho gaya aur mera lund phir se khara hone laga. Mai ma ke honton par apna chumma jarte hue bola, "ma kaise tumne eh samajh liya ki mai tumharee jaisee sundar aur sexy aurat ko chodne se mana kar

sakta hun?" mai phir se ma ki chunchee se khelte hue bola, "ma, mai phir se tumko chodna chahata hun. Mai tumko abhi chodna chahata hun. Mai bar bar tumharee khubsurat choot me apna lund daln chahata hun." "oh bhagawan! Kya tu sach much mujhko phir se chodna chahat hai? Abhi to sirf adha ghanta hi hua hai tu mere

munh me apna lund dal kar apna pani nikala tha. Wah mai kitna kushnaseeb hun, ab mere pas tera jawan lund hai jo ki mujhko jab tab chod sakta hai. Mai to bas ab ehee sochtee hun ki kta mai tere jaisa chuddakar ke sath humesha de paungee ki nahee. Chal jab tujhe chodna hai to chod le, lekin is bar jara aram aram se chodna."

itna kah kar ma ne apni dono tange upar ko utha liya aur dono tangon ko phaila liya. Istarah se ma ki choot puri tarah se khul lar mere samne ho gayee aur mere liye unki choot dalna aur bhi asan ho gaya.

Mai apni ma ki kholee tangon ke bitch baith kar apna lund ma ki choot ke upar rakh kar dhire dhire undar dalne laga. Ma ki choot is samay mujhko thori tight lag rahee thee, lekin mai hire dhire apne hathon se unkee chutar sahalata raha aur unkee gand me apni unglee dalne laga. Thori der tak gand me unglee karne ke bad ma ki

choot se pani nikalne laga aur choot gila ho gaya. Ma choot ko gila hote dekh kar ek jhatke ke sath apna lund pura ka pura jar tak ghuser diya. Choot ke andar jate hi ma apni kamar uthana shuru kar diya aur mai bhi jhatke de de kar apna lund andar bahar karne laga. Hum log ek dusre ko chum rahe the aur upar neeche se dhakka

mar mar kar chodte aur chudwate rahe. Chodte aur chudwate samay hum ek dusre se meethee meethee baten bhi kar rahe the. "ooh, mera raja beta," ma boli mai kitna khusnaseeb hun ki meri choot tera lund jha raha aur tera lund kha kha kar khush ho raha hai. Tera lund bilkulmeri choot ki size ka hai." "ma tum mere liye hi

bani ho aur humesha rahogee" mai ma ki chunchee ko pakar kar dhakka marte hue bola. "mai to kabhi sapne me bhi nahee soch sakta tha mai ek din tumhari choot apna lund dal kar tumhe chod sakunga" mai ma se phir se bola. "kya mai aur meri choot tujhko pasand hai?" ma mujhse puchee aur phir se boli, "dekh mujhko khush

karne ke liye jhoot mat bolna." mi ma ki chunchee ko apne hathon se dabate hue bola, "ma, mai tumse pyar kartee hun, mai tumharee puja karta hun. Mere liye tum pyar aur sundarata ki devi ho. Mai tumse humsha pyar karta rahunga aur jab jab tum chahogee mera lund tumhari choot ki seva ke liye tayar rahega." ma muskura

kar boli, "bas ab bahut ho chukka hai. Cha lab man laga kar meri choot ki seva kar aur usko jee laga kar apne lund se chod. Mai mare choot ki khujlee se mari ja rahee hun. Tu apna lund jar tak andar dal kar meri choot ke andar chal rahee chition ka mar dal aur mujhe shant kar. Beta chod meri choot khuub kas kar chod."

"ab aaj ke bad na to mai tera ma hun aur na hee tu mera beta hai. Asaj ke bad se tu mera pati hai aur tera patnee" mere dhakko ke jawab me ma apni kamar uchalte hue mujhse boli. Thori der ke bad ma phir se boli, "aaj ki rat humlogon ki shade ka

suhagrat hai. Mai wo sab kam karungee jo ek patni apne pati ke liye kartee hai. Tujhe job hi pasand hai, mujhse bol, mai teri har bat manne ke liya tayar hun." humlog ek dusre ko apni apni bahon me jakar rakha tha aur apni apni kamar utha utha kar ek dusre ki choot aur lund chod rahe the. Mera lund ma ki choot ki garmee

pakar choot ke andar bahut hi kara ho gaya tha. Is chudai ke pahale mera lund ek bar ma ki munh ke jhar chuka tha aur isliye is chudai me mera lund jharne me jyada waqt le raha tha. Ma ki choot ab tak ki chudai me do bar apni pani chor chuki thee aur apni chudai ki khushee me pagal hoti ja rahee thee. Ma mujhko apne hathon se

pakar kar betahasha chum rahee thee aur mujhse lipat rahee thee. Aisa lag raha tha ki jaise nayee dulhan naye nayee chudai ki such se pagal ho rahee hai. Jaise jaise ma mujhko chum rahee thee, mera khoon bhi khaul raha tha aur mujhko mere andon me tanab mahasus hone laga tha. Thori der ke mera lund ma ki choot ko

cgodte chodte apna pani chor diya. Jaise hi mai apni ma ki choot ke andar apna lund thans kar jhara, ma bhi teesree br jhar gayee. Humlog ek dusre ke sharir ko apne hathon se jakare hue the aur jab tak mera akhree bund ma ki choot me na chal gaya mai ma ko nahee chora.

Hum log jharne ke bad ek dusre ke bahon me lete rahe. Hum logon ki sans chudai karte hue ukhar chuki thee aur ab sans dhire dhire normal ho raha tha. Mai apna sar ma ki phulee phulee chunchee par rakh kar so gaya aur na jane bhi kab mujhse lipat

so gayee. Hum log rat bhar ek dusre se lipt kar sote rahe, aur jab subah ankh khulee to dekha ma abhi bhi mere sath nangee hi so rahee hai. Mai uth kat ma ko chum kiya aur unki chunchee ko sahalane laga. Thori der ke bad ma bhi apni ankh khol dee aur humse lipat kar muskura kar boli, "beta kaisa raha humlogon ka

suharrat? Maza aya ki nahee? Theek theek bol beta humko chod kar tujhko aur tere lund ko maza mila ki nahee?" mai bhi ma se lipat kar bola, "ma bahut maza aya humari suhagrat me tumko chod kar. Kya ek bar phir se mai tumko chod sakta hun?" ma boli, "beta ek bar kyon? Tu jitna bar chahe mujhko chod sakta hai. Jab

chahe chod sakta hai. Ab puri ki puri teri hun. Bol beta bolt tu mujhko is samay kis asan me chodega? Mai tab apni ma ki choot me unglee karte bola, "ma is samay mai tumhe peeche se kutte ki tarah chodna chahata hun. Tum uth kar palang par jhuk jao aur peeche se tumharee choot me apna khara lund dal chodna chahata

hun." aur ma mera bat sun kar palang par char hath aur pairon ke bal jhuk gayee aur mai unke peeche ja kar unki choot me apna lund dal kar chodne laga. Aur us din se aaj tak mai aur ma ek hi bister par pati patni jaise nage sote hai aur chudai karte hai. Ma mujhse wada kar chukee hai ki wo mere apni chotee bahan (meri mausee) ko pata kar mujhse cgudwagee.